Writing a CV 101


One little document which seems to determine so much for us. It’s important to realise that CVs play a huge role in the job seeking process, and ideally, they will represent you and what you have to offer. So here are some basic tips and tricks in order to score that part time job and be a minimum wage shot caller!

1. Honesty: The first step to follow is to be as truthful as you can. Recruiters will find out if something doesn’t add up so make sure everything is as accurate as possible. Don’t try to impress but inform! Your achievements will automatically impress recruiters if they’re truthful.

2. Referees: Make sure you get two or three solid referrals who know you well and have worked with you in the past. These people should essentially be people you trust, respect and who genuinely want you to succeed. Teachers, coaches and past managers are great examples of referees who want you to achieve.

3. Personal achievements: It is very important to highlight your personal achievements – for example, academic awards or co-curricular success. Don’t be hesitant to show off your talents! Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved in the past and highlight certain attributes you can incorporate into the role you’re applying for. E.g. Waking up early for sport practices shows dedication and commitment.

4. Job experience: Many people entering the workforce for the first time don’t have past work experience therefore it is important you get involved in service and volunteer work earlier. Recruiters look at that aspect of the CV very closely. So get involved and help out your community in any way you can. For example, volunteering at the local rest home is a great thing to have on your CV, and can also give you valuable experience at the same time.

5. Other tips: Make sure the CV is structured well and all punctuation and grammar are on point. Each section should be on its own with a clear heading (‘Education’ ‘Skills’ ‘Work Experience’ etc). If you need any help with CV structure, there are plenty of templates online you can get ideas from (just do a Google!).
You should come across as a professional who is eager to work and contribute to the business. It’s a good idea to tailor your CV to each job you apply for so you show that you are the perfect fit. Try to include a cover letter or personal statement which directly addresses the business you are applying to so that it becomes more personalized – some places won’t take a CV without a cover letter. This should tell them directly why you want the role, and why you should get it. Make sure all your personal information is also accurate and your referees’ contact information.

Lastly—don’t panic! Finding a part time job isn’t very difficult; you can do it! Just trust yourself and have confidence in your abilities. You may not get the job you want and you may get rejected a few times but keep your head up and move onto the next one!

Good luck!

Written by: Idam Sondhi     Edited: Saffron Huang

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