Election Guide 2014

The general election is coming up on September 20! Did you know that over 60% of eligible voters under 30 in 2011 actually voted? It’s critically important to have a voice in our community and your vote is one of the ways to do that! We’ve gathered information here, including personal statements directed to you from Pakuranga candidates, to help you make the easiest, most informed decision possible.


  1. What is MMP?
  2. Where to Vote?
  3. Who to Vote For?


MMP (Mixed Member Proportional) is the system we use to elect our Parliament. The proportion of votes a party gets will largely reflect the number of seats it has in Parliament.

Each voter gets two votes:

Party vote – this is for the political party you choose. It largely decides the total number of seats each political party gets in Parliament.

Electorate vote – this chooses the MP that you want to represent your electorate (area you live in). The candidate with the most votes wins (doesn’t have to get a majority).

A party that wins at least one electorate seat OR 5% of the party vote gets a share of the seats in Parliament that is about the same as its share of the party vote.

Looking at an example: A party gets 30% of the party vote, and wins 20 electorate seats. It gets around 36 MPs in Parliament(30% of 120 seats). A party has a “list” of MPs, in order, that they’ll put into Parliament according to the number of seats they win. A MP that wins their electorate automatically gets a seat, so in this party, there will be 20 Electorate MPs with seats, as well as 16 List MPs.

Useful video: http://youtu.be/8Uk44aykGg4


Advance Voting Places – These places have varied opening times, so look for one that suits you.

Botany – http://www.elections.org.nz/events/2014-general-election/electorate-info/information-voters-botany

Pakuranga – http://www.elections.org.nz/events/2014-general-election/electorate-info/information-voters-pakuranga

Election Day Voting Places – Open 9am-7pm on 20th September
Note: Macleans is listed below!
Botany Downs Primary School, 35 Mirrabooka Avenue
Botany Downs Secondary College, 575 Chapel Road
Elim Christian Centre, 159 Botany Road
St Columba Presbyterian Church, 480 Ti Rakau Drive
Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, 247 Bucklands Beach Road
Bucklands Beach Primary School, 107 Clovelly Road
Macleans College, 2 Macleans Road
Macleans Primary School, 10 Wycherley Drive
Stand Children’s Services , 1-9 Pigeon Mountain Road
East City Wesleyan Church, 219 Burswood Drive
Cockle Bay Playcentre, 17 Pah Road
Point View Primary School, 25 Kilkenny Drive
Rockabye Early Learning Centre, 122 Aviemore Drive
Howick Intermediate School, 1 Botany Road
Owairoa Primary School, corner Wellington & Nelson Streets
Cockle Bay School, 24 Sandspit Road
Auckland Fiji Methodist Church, 128 Whitford Road
Mellons Bay Primary School, 140 Mellons Bay Road
Our Lady Star of the Sea School, 14 Oakridge Way
Anchorage Park Primary School, 16 Swan Crescent
Dance Xpress, 135 Cascades Road
Edgewater College, 32 Edgewater Drive
Elm Park School, 46 Gossamer Drive
Farm Cove Intermediate School, 14-16 Butley Drive
Pakuranga College, 176-180 Pigeon Mountain Road
Pakuranga Heights Primary School, 77 Udys Road
Pakuranga Recreation & Youth Centre, 13c Reeves Road
Riverhills Primary School, 13 Waikaremoana Place
Sunnyhills Primary School, 17 The Crest
Shelly Park School, 11-13 Sunnyview Avenue
Somerville Intermediate School, 39 Somerville Road


The best thing to do is to sit down and do some thorough research into the policies of the parties that you think have views similar to your own – you are helping choose the next government to run your country! You have a say in what kind of public services, taxes, welfare systems that you want the government to put in place for your community. Use it as well as you can!

Pakuranga Electorate Candidates: Candidate Information

These are statements sent in from each of the 4 candidates running for the Pakuranga electorate. If you are a Pakuranga resident, you will be voting for one of these as your electorate vote:

Dr. Jamie Whyte (ACT: Leader)

Andrew Craig (Conservatives)

Barry Kirker (Labour)

Maurice Williamson (National)

Dr Jamie Whyte (ACT: Leader)

Jamie 76

I have worked as a management consultant, foreign currency trader and philosophy lecturer at Cambridge University.

My name is Dr Jamie Whyte and I am standing to be your local MP. I have worked as the Head of Research and Publishing at Oliver Wyman Financial Services, a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, philosophy lecturer at Cambridge University and as a foreign currency trader. I’m a fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs and a senior fellow of the Adam Smith Institute.

I was born and raised in Auckland and my wife and I have returned to New Zealand to raise our children.  This country has a world class education system and a first world economy, but there aren’t opportunities for everyone to escape the circumstances of their birth and help build a strong and prosperous country.  The ACT party wants to create an environment with opportunities for everyone.

The world is becoming a knowledge economy – the low skill jobs are drying up fast – being displaced by globalisation and replaced with technology. Our education system is not world class for 20% of our children – ACT will introduce a wider range of schools and allow parents and students to choose.  Excellent schools can manage struggling schools and have multiple campuses – every school should be able to become a good school.

Our economy needs to grow strongly in order to create the opportunities for young people and their children to stay and prosper in New Zealand.  A strong contributor to economic growth is having low tax rates.  By 2020, ACT will lower the corporate tax rate (12.5%), and have a low flat income tax (17.5%), to keep and attract the most skilled and entrepreneurial companies and people.  We will also remove restrictions in the labour market that prevent young people from being given a chance to get a job and prove themselves.

Environmental protection is also important – ACT believes that the environment is being harmed because there is too much regulation and too little focus on the environmental outcomes that are wanted.  ACT will clearly define the environmental outcomes required (e.g. water quality in rivers) and then let private companies and individuals with water rights innovate to find ways to meet that target.

ACT values hard work and a desire to succeed. If these are your values, then vote your values. Party vote ACT.

Andrew Craig (Conservatives)


I have been talking to people in our community about the New Zealand they want for themselves and their family. It is simple really; we all want the same things, A SAFE, PROPEROUS AND INCLUSIVE SOCIETY. That is why I am standing for the Conservatives; they have common sense solutions and a plan to make our country better.

You told me that you are SICK OF BEING IGNORED, and I agree. Politicians should be answerable to us, we pay their wages and we deserve better. That is why the core policy of the Conservatives is binding referendums, put simply when the people speak we believe politicians should listen.

We want tougher penalties for criminals and an end to discounted justice. We want one law for all and no more race based policies including Maori seats. We also believe people in need should be helped so we will make the first $20,000 of income tax free.

Having lived in the electorate for 44 years and with many years of senior management experience, I’M READY TO ACHIEVE FOR OUR COMMUNITY.

Make your VOTES STAND FOR SOMETHING. On September 20, vote for me to be your MP, and give your party vote to the CONSERVATIVES. Send us to Parliament to make a difference.

Barry Kirker (Labour)

Personal background:

Barry-KirkerTaken from his page http://campaign.labour.org.nz/barry_kirker

“Barry understands the real-world issues and needs of a range of people in society, particularly the vulnerable and marginalized for whom he is passionate advocate. Barry believes everybody can benefit from a fair and just society where people are treated equally and given priority over greed and egocentrism. He is campaigning on integrity and transparency, principles he seeks to adhere to his personal and professional life. Barry lives in the Pakuranga Electorate with his wife and young daughter who is being raised bi-culturally (English and Japanese). He enjoys his involvement in local sporting organizations.

A well-travelled and educated mental health professional, Barry has a down to earth and common sense approach to people and problem solving at both the individual and societal level. He is able to draw upon academic knowledge, clinical experience, and vibrant life experiences. Improving how mental health is addressed in health and employment is a policy priority for Barry, as is making better use of science, reducing violence and child neglect, and improving the standard of politicians’ behaviour.”

His statement:
In regard to the local issues I would address –

  • Transport -upgrade of ferry terminal, and light rail to Howick
  • Education -issues with school zoning
  • Housing -more options in terms of types of houses in the area,
  • Resource Management Act – e.g. more community input into consent processes for the BP garage on Pakuranga Rd

Maurice Williamson (National)


My name is Maurice Williamson and I am the National Party candidate for the Pakuranga Electorate at the coming election. I was born in Auckland and after attending school in the rural town of Matamata, famous for it’s links to the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, I attended Auckland University where I completed a degree in Physics and did post graduate studies in Computer Science. I then worked for Air New Zealand from 1976 until 1987 as a fleet planner/manager.

I have been the Member of Parliament for Pakuranga since 1987. During that time I have helped thousands of constituents with issues ranging from taxation to immigration and from housing to education. I have close links with many local groups, schools and organisations, and have been a strong advocate for the community over the years. I think the most rewarding part of my job is being able to help those who would otherwise be unable to help themselves.

I have been a Minister for 15 of those years in several National-led governments. I’ve held Portfolios covering Transport, Communications, Broadcasting, Information Technology, Health, Education, Local Government, Customs, Building and Construction, Land Information, Research Science and Technology, and Statistics.

I strongly believe in the fundamental principles of the National Party. They are:

  • Putting the individual first,
  • Respecting property rights,
  • Keeping welfare to being a hand up rather than a hand out,
  • Low taxation and more money in the pockets of families,
  • Reduced bureaucracy and red tape,
  • Standards in education,
  • Strong laws against crime – putting the victim’s rights ahead of the offenders,

I favour small government and individual liberty provided it doesn’t offend against others – that’s why I spoke out so strongly in favour of marriage equality.

Regardless of personal preference, I would urge everyone who can to enrol and vote on September 20, and to make sure your voice is heard in the best way our democracy allows.

If you want more information about what party to vote for, feel free to try this tool: http://tvnz.co.nz/votecompass to see which party’s policies reflect your view!

Put together by: Keniel Yao, Saffron Huang

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