Barbershop Razzle-Dazzles at Nationals

The 2014 Barbershop Nationals were held down in Wellington over the 12th and 13th of August. Macleans College had two groups who had qualified for Nationals: a quartet, named Lady Fortune; and the Macleans College Barbershop Girls’ Chorus, Macapella.

Day One of Nationals was for all of the Quartets to shine, and we all had the opportunity to listen to quartets from all around New Zealand, and Australia. We also supported our very own ‘Lady Fortune’ as they razzle-dazzled the crowd, and made the school proud.

Day Two of Nationals was for the Chorus performances, and it was a time of stress, and excitement. We only had one chance to show the judges who we were, why we were here, and to have all the effort put in throughout the year pay off. We had practices, and last minute touchups. In those moments the Barbershop girls definitely bonded together. We were no longer just individuals singing a tune, but rather a part of a much larger cause, with a goal that we could only achieve if we worked cohesively together.

This year marks the best Macapella has ever done at the Barbershop Nationals, with us walking away with the second place prize. This meant that we had the opportunity to perform at the Parade of Champions, where we also had the honour of watching all other place getters, as well as the OC Times Quartet and the Westminster Chorus perform, which was an amazing experience.

Barbershop at Macleans College rises in popularity each year, there are always more people trying out, more enthusiasm and drive than the year before, and the quality of the chorus is always steadily increasing.

Written by Wendy Lee

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