Head Prefects’ Blog #1: Reflections and Anticipations

yr9picsHi guys!

So this is a bit of a segment on the student News Committee website that we wanted to start so that we could reflect on our experiences in our leadership roles and hopefully share a few things that we’ve learned.

As you can see, we’ve come a long, long way from being Year 9s. It’s definitely very weird to look back and think about how different we were four years ago. To all the entering Year 9s – if you do your best to accept whatever opportunities come your way and put effort into what you do, there’s a good chance that when you’re looking back in four years’ time, you’ll be happy with the steps you’ve taken.

Last week we had the opportunity to meet with a group of Head Students from local high schools and spend a day in leadership development and training,  all facilitated by past Head Prefects. In turn, the school prefect body attended a leadership training day ran by Mr Lonergan where we looked at our vision for Macleans and the role we have to play as key leaders in the school. These past few weeks have been fairly intensive in the way of learning and becoming equipped for the year ahead. Of course, a lot will come through experience, and, if there is one thing for certain, the journey ahead.

Some of us also learned that it’s very hot onstage and that stance can be quite important. All in all, we’re undoubtedly looking forward to leading our amazing team of 62 prefects to do some awesome things this year!

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” – John F. Kennedy

-Annaliese, Caleb, Kieran, Saffron

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