Camp Diaries: Hillary Peer Support Leaders

UntitledDay 1

7:00 am – Bus

8:30 am – Barge

9:00 am – Arrival on Ponui Island

9:30 am – Orientation of island/rules/boundaries


10:30 am – Set up tents and sorted out luggage


12:00 pm – Game of volleyball

12:30 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – Outies / orientation of day ahead

2:00 pm – Over land relayUntitled5


Untitled4In the overland relay the camp groups have 30 minutes to create a carriage (something that drags on the floor) and a strecher (something that is carried). Then the groups have to race each other across island on the vehicles and piggyback.

4:30 pm – Afternoon Tea

5:00 pm – Overnight tramp

Tramping to our overnight camp site; great views!


7:00 pm – Dinner on campfire

Usually cooked on an open fire, but due to fire warning we used stoves; still tasted delicious!Untitled8

8:00 pm – Duties

8:30 pm – Burma Trail

The camp leaders situationally guided or scared the students as they attempted to complete an obstacle course blinded folded, following a string!


10:30 pm –Lights out

Day 2

9:00 am – Return from overnight tramp

9:30 am – Duties

10:00 am – Ponui Olympics 2015

Various sports games, all teams battling it out to see who would be on top! (Games included cricket hybrid, softball, hockey, volleyball and others!)




12:00 pm – Lunch and Orientation

1:00 pm – Duties

1:30 pm – Freetime

2:00 pm – Water Activities (Louis Vuitton Cup)

The Louis Vuitton Cup is the preliminary to the Americas Cup. For the students it was a day to try out and learn all the water activities so they could complete tomorrow in the Americas Cup!

4:30 pm – Afternoon tea

7:00 pm – Dinner

8:00 pm – Duties

Duties included toilets, students and cooks dishes, cleaning the dining room, food scraps and others (situationally).


8:30 pm – Quiz Night


10:30 pm – Lights Out

Day 3

7:00 am – Morning Run

8:00 am -Breakfast

9:30 am – Duties

10:30 am – Battle of the buoy

Probably on the best activities on camp. No photos since it’s extremely physical. Pretty much the rules are that there are two teams and members of the teams have a colored wrist band corresponding to their team. Each team also has a “flag”, the objective of the point is to gain as much points as possible. To gain points one must rip the band of a member of the opposing team for one point, capture the opponent’s flag for 25 points or find the rugby ball and bring it to your flag for 10 points.

12:00 pm – Lunch

12:30 pm – Duties and orientation of day’s activities

1:30 pm – Americas Cup

The competition to see who can complete the most laps on various water activities.Untitled96


3:30 pm – Afternoon tea

4:00 pm – Freetime/volleyball, games etc.

6:30 pm -Dinner

7:00 pm – Duties

7:30 pm – Freetime/prep for concert night

8:30 pm – Concert night


10:00 pm – Spotlight

11:15 pm – Lights out

Day 4

7:30 am – Morning Run

8:30 am – Breakfast

9:00 am – Duties

9:30 am – Packed away tents/luggage

12:00 pm – Lunch

12:30 pm – Final duties/camp clean up

1:30 pm – Games

4:30 pm – Barge arrived

5:00 pm – Arrived at bay

5:30 pm – Caught bus back to school

6:30 pm – Arrived at school / home time.

Compiled by: Winston Zhao, Arya Harilal.

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