Lip Sync Videos 2015

The inter-house Lip Sync Competition took place last week, with hundreds of students sacrificing time at lunch, form time, and in some cases before and after school to perfect the art of singing without noise.
Once again, performances attracted a full audience, with one judge commenting  “The standard was incredibly high this year and we struggled to narrow it down.  Deciding on the final four was really tough.”

Here is a montage of the preliminary competition featuring performances from Kupe, Rutherford, Mansfield and Snell: 

Batten House placed fourth in the finals:

  Coming in third place was Hillary House:

Second place was Kupe:

And last but not least, congratulations to Upham House, champions of the Lip Sync Competition for 2015! Here is their outstanding performance in the finals:

(For all Te Kanawa supporters, the preliminary performance was videoed, and here it is:


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