Positive Perceptions

We all have features that determine how we perceive ourselves. They may be features that most people overlook, or they may be features that are conspicuous and striking. The fact is: the physical characteristics we possess can easily make us feel proud or insecure about ourselves.

While you’ve been reading this, you’ve probably thought of a trait that makes you different from everyone else. How do you view this trait? Do you view it in a positive or negative light? Many of you will have chosen the latter, and that is totally normal. As human beings, it’s natural to have insecurities about our physical appearances. Although these insecurities can get you down at times, it’s possible to turn the situation around and make the most out of your individuality.

Instead of spending time feeling insecure, think of ways in which you can remedy your current situation. We often blow the small things out of proportion and obsess over them, forgetting the importance of embracing our uniqueness on a holistic level.The best and most important part of this journey is that you get to choose how you perceive yourself. The way in which you perceive yourself can influence how other people perceive you. As you start to change your attitude towards your insecurities, you might even be able to change the way that others view themselves, helping them to embrace their own individuality.

So, whatever it is, I hope you are able to see your glass as half-full, rather than half-empty.

Written by: Annie Han. Edited by: Wendy Lee & Annaliese Wheeler

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