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For many year 13s, the end of schooling life at Macleans and the start of university is rapidly approaching. So, this week’s Student Space article will include a few questions and answers about university (and life in general) that might be relevant to you. Am I picking the right degree? Unfortunately, there is no way … Continue reading

Model United Nations Assembly 2015

Model United Nations Assembly 2015

During the two long and hectic days at the annual Model United Nations Assembly conference, we’ve witnessed heated debates about global political issues, as well as enjoyed the showcase of extravagant national costumes and shameless bribing tactics involving food and fake money. This year, Macleans delegates represented Canada, Tonga and South Africa and tackled gruelling problems … Continue reading


Interview: Spelling Bee National Finalist, Clarissa Wiratmadja

Macleans College News Interview with Clarissa Wiratmadja, a New Zealand Spelling Bee national finalist. You went to Wellington last year for nationals, can you recap how it felt going as a representative of Macleans? The Auckland Regionals were really, really easy – I felt like I got really lucky, for some reason. For example, Manvinder [Kaur] … Continue reading

Mr. Bowie: On the Link Between the Humanities and the Sciences
Teacher Feature

Mr. Bowie: On the Link Between the Humanities and the Sciences

Mr. Bowie, an English and Social Studies teacher, talks about his personal opinions regarding the relationship between the humanities and the sciences.   While achieving high grades in the sciences in high school, Mr. Bowie felt intensely passionate about the humanities throughout his studies. After studying a range of subjects in university, Mr. Bowie felt … Continue reading