Being Unique

Throughout life we, as humans, always want to fit in. It is an instinct of ours to camouflage into our surroundings. However, you mustn’t be afraid to be the odd one out. Being unique is what life is truly about; we weren’t born to be the same as our parents or friends–we were born to be ourselves. Throughout my life I have always tried to fit in. When I didn’t, I would be sad and wonder what was wrong with me. But soon I figured out that life wasn’t all about fitting in: I started to be who I really was, and straight away, I actually became more accepted. When we start primary school, all we want to be is a “popular girl”, but honestly? It is overrated.

“I used to hate not fitting in until I realized I was born to stand out!”

Here are some ways you can be comfortable as an individual:

1) Be yourself

Don’t be someone who you are not! If you copy somebody else’s personality, it won’t come off the right way. You want to be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else. Like my idol Taylor Swift said, “If you are lucky enough to be different, why try to fit in?” So learn to embrace your uniqueness and you will truly belong, straight away.

2) Learn to embrace who you are

It is easy to be insecure about who we are. Embrace who you are, and only YOU! How many of you have looked at someone and been jealous of how they looked or their personality? How many of you have said that you wished you were as pretty as she was? Everyone has felt this way at least once in his or her life. Here’s a tip: when you are feeling this way, think about your qualities and the things you love about yourself. That person may have very nice eyes, but you may have very nice lips. In this way, pick out 5 things that you love about yourself. You will immediately feel better. Embrace who you truly are. In life there is NO ONE, NO ONE the same as you.

So next time you are in school trying to fit into a group in a way that really doesn’t reflect who you are, back away and find a new group of friends whom you can be yourself around. You are you and there is no one who can do you better than you!

Written by: Khorshed Tarapore. Edited: Saffron Huang

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