Model United Nations Assembly 2015


During the two long and hectic days at the annual Model United Nations Assembly conference, we’ve witnessed heated debates about global political issues, as well as enjoyed the showcase of extravagant national costumes and shameless bribing tactics involving food and fake money.

This year, Macleans delegates represented Canada, Tonga and South Africa and tackled gruelling problems concerning ISIS, tax havens and the Crimean crisis. The debate on these controversial topics led to intense cross-floor arguments that the chair could barely control and even led to over half the assembly walking out during the United States’ speech on military intervention.

The showcase of viewpoints and reasoning from powers around the globe provided insightful knowledge about these world issues and gave us all a better understanding as to the courses of action needed to resolve them.

“MUNA was an exciting opportunity to learn about pressing global issues that are affecting our world today, from whether foreign troops should fight ISIS to the legalisation of marijuana. Complete with country themed costumes, it was a great chance to step into the roles of world leaders for a day.” – Zachary Wong, representative of Tonga.

So there you have it! That brings MUNA 2015 to a close.  It was an excellent experience and this conference was a great opportunity suitable for both new and experienced Model UN-ers interested in participating next year.

Lollies and fake money were used as  bribes by delegates to gain support from other countries.
Lollies and fake money were used as bribes by delegates to gain support from other countries.

Written by: Helen Wu. Edited by: Saffron Huang

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