“All The World’s a Stage” – Sheila Winn 2015

On the last Sunday of April over 30 Macleans College students came together, along with over 100 other students from all over Auckland, to compete at the regional Shakespeare festival. From tragedy to comedy, the range of performances was immense, each actor providing a unique insight into their character. Laughs were had, tears were shed and awards were won. The day ended with two performances … Continue reading “All The World’s a Stage” – Sheila Winn 2015

Why Our Generation Gets the Blame

“If I had a dollar for every time someone over 40 told me my generation sucks, I’d have enough money to buy a house in the economy they ruined”. This statement makes me think about how harshly youth of our generation are portrayed. It isn’t difficult to picture the professed typical teen: wild, rude, self-absorbed and egotistical. An image of laziness and a desire to … Continue reading Why Our Generation Gets the Blame

Musical Sneak Peek: Into The Woods 2015

Following on from the amazing performances we have seen year after year, our expectations for the annual Macleans College musical are high, to say the least. After having a sneak peek at this year’s rendition of “Into the Woods”, we can safely assume that no one will be disappointed. After endless hours of preparation from the cast, the orchestra and all of the supporting crew, the students have finally … Continue reading Musical Sneak Peek: Into The Woods 2015

Service Expo 2015

The Macleans College Service Expo was held last Wednesday in the amphitheatre, with a number of service organisations represented at stalls, raising both money and awareness for their causes. Along with video coverage and interviews, we have compiled descriptions and links of each service activity along with how you can get involved. (We apologize for the less-than-outstanding sound quality in this video; we neglected to … Continue reading Service Expo 2015

The Big Sing Regionals

The Macleans College Choir arrived at the Town Hall on Tuesday the 9th of June, simultaneously exhilarated and daunted by the prospect of finally performing at the Big Sing Regional Competition. This event was the culmination of months of hard work, weekend rehearsals, and post-practice pineapple lumps. The competition was a festival of sound and a celebration of choral music; it highlighted the joys of … Continue reading The Big Sing Regionals

The Fear of the Grade-Point Average

Exams: a word that is universally dreaded by all students. Results: a seemingly insurmountable monster that preys on the minds of insecure teenagers. Exams. Results. Futures. They’re all relatively simple words—the majority of the student body can spell them correctly—yet the weight that they hold on our lives as teenagers surpasses any definition that the Oxford English Dictionary can provide. Term two seems to be … Continue reading The Fear of the Grade-Point Average

Macleans May Actually Let Us Walk On Grass

Endless construction work is a fact of Macleans College life. MCNC interviewed Associate Principal Mr. Peek to find out more about the ongoing construction at the school. Mr. Peek, as Property Manager at Macleans College, oversees all property and construction projects that take place on the sprawling school campus, a site totaling 18,000 square meters of area (the same as 90 four-bedroom houses!) For him, … Continue reading Macleans May Actually Let Us Walk On Grass

Why Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others only Hurts You

When you feel like a certain aspect of yourself is not good enough, it is difficult to dislodge that insecurity from your headspace. It’s not just limited to the physical flaws, but also includes whatever you are struggling with socially, academically, or financially. Seeing other people who seem to have it all figured out, who are perfect in the exact places that you don’t measure up, tempts … Continue reading Why Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others only Hurts You