The Last Night of the Proms: A Night to Remember

On Monday at seven o’clock in the Auckland City Town Hall, hundreds of talented Macleans students took to the stage and entertained an audience of about a thousand people in the annual Gala Concert titled the ‘Last Night of the Proms’.

This is the second year in which Macleans students have performed at the Auckland Town Hall and this year was just as successful as the last year. Performances included the Senior Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Barbershop Girls Chorus, Macleans College Choir, Girls and Boys Choirs, and both the second and first place winners of the Small House Choir competition; Te Kanawa and Snell respectively. As well as all of these group performances, there were also many soloists: Peter Liley on saxophone, Paul Cho on trombone, Kenny Chu on piano and Michael Lee also on piano. The showcase of talent at Macleans, however, was not just limited to musical performances; the audience was also entertained by the Stage Challenge dance performance, as well as excerpts from the 2015 musical, Into the Woods.

The entire night was a huge success, but perhaps the most exciting performances of the night were the mass singing of the Hallelujah Chorus and the finale of Pomp and Circumstance. For Pomp and Circumstance, members of the chorus surprised the audience by waving flags of different nationalities to emphasise the diversity as well as the and unity of different cultures at Macleans College.

The night wouldn’t have run as smoothly, or as successfully as it did had it not been for the hours of practice put in during the year that by all the groups and soloists performing who performed. A lot of work is put into pulling off such a successful event and a huge congratulations must be given to the performers, and their teachers, as well as the members of the Music Department for their contribution. The Last Night of the Proms really was a night to remember.

-Written by Daisy Huang. Edited by Annaliese Wheeler

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