Barbershop Regionals 2015

Barbershop. A group of untuned singers granting major cringe moments? Questionable thirty year-olds singing about romance in the sky? Or perhaps a place of scissors and hair? None of the above.

This year, for the first time, Macleans College held the annual Young Singers in Harmony Auckland Competition on the 19th of June. The competition had an even bigger turn out than last year, with 16 schools performing in various quartets and choruses, all in hopes of getting a prized position in nationals. All of Macleans girls had attended long Tuesday rehearsals, often forsaking lunch for practices, as well as waking up early on Wednesdays to practice within our parts. This was a significant weekly sacrifice of sleep for the chance to perform as well as possible. 

 It was a hectic day for us all, running around and guiding different schools to their various locations in addition to executing our rushed pre-performance rehearsal. However, the hard work paid off. Macleans College dominated the placings, with quartets Chordially Yours and Pitcheresque taking out 2nd and 5th places respectively and Macappella claiming first place in the chorus competition. A huge thanks must be given to our conductor, Melody Lowe—for all the dedication she has shown our chorus, the Macleans Music Department and the outside organizers for managing the day so smoothly. 

We all know that we don’t sing barbershop just to win or uphold the oh-so-valued Macleans reputation. We do barbershop for that funny feeling you get in your stomach when the judges’ quartet belts their final, roof-raising chord. When the whole audience jumps up simultaneously to give a standing ovation. When we all appreciate everything that barbershop stands for.

The National Finals are on the 9th and 10th of September, so stay tuned for the results! Good luck to all the girls competing.

Written by: Varya Pavlova. Edited by: Saffron Huang.

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