Co-Curricular Pocket Guide

2016 Co-Curricular Expo

This is part 1 of the MCNC’s Online Pocket Guide to Co-Curriculars – “the good, the bad, the ugly…”


co-curricularexpo03The 2016 Co-Curricular Expo was held in the gym on Thursday the 11th of February. Another annual gathering of the various co-curricular opportunities at the school, hundreds of students flocked the event, eagerly looking forward to immersing themselves as much as possible into school life.

Sport, service and cultural activities were all present, and leaders enthusiastically answered any questions about their respective clubs. The atmosphere buzzed with a palpable excitement.

Many people’s school lives, certainly mine, have been heavily influenced by the co-curriculars that they join. Every part of it – the good, the bad, the ugly – equated to a chaotic mess of long hours, gruelling practices and the birth of countless jokes that would be repeated in the years to come. Sometimes, I forget why I willingly sign myself up for headaches brought upon by a lack of sleep and an abundance of stress, but as I stood there I realised that the skills and perspectives I’ve gained have been incomparable.

I remember as a year nine viewing the Co-Curricular Expo for the first time, awed by the array of different activities presented to you, like a shining fruit platter. I recall the way I seemed to live on ambition as I made all these plans to join these activities; even creating a checklist for all the groups I potentially wanted to be a part of. I still look forward to meeting new people, trying out new things, and creating new memories – the Co-Curricular Expo has reminded me of that. But now, I’ve made some more friends, endured a whole lot of hardships, and grown just a little bit wiser.

So, take and make what opportunities you have. What you gain in return will be priceless.

Written by: Cassandra Liu. Edited by: Zachary Wong


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