Co-Curricular Showcase: Anime Club

This is our first showcase of the MCNC’s Online Pocket Guide to Co-Curriculars – “the good, the bad, the ugly…”



What do you do at Anime Club?

You basically crowd into a classroom and watch anime. However, the club is forced to split into junior and senior sections since it is “so damn big”. The anime shown are usually the latest ones from 2016 or classics.

Why should you join the Anime Club?

The main reason for joining the anime club is for sharing the love of anime, especially because being part of the club allows you to meet fellow anime enthusiasts, as well as obtain suggestions for your possibly next favourite anime.

When are meetings, and how do you join?

Meetings are Thursday after sit down lunch in M13 for seniors, and M12 for juniors.

To join, all you need to do is turn up and put your name down, although you must be prepared to commit to the club.

Contributors to the Co-Curricular Showcase are: Elinor Wang, Joyce Chan, Cassandra Liu and Wayne Zhou. Edited by: Zachary Wong

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