Co-Curricular Pocket Guide

Co-Curricular Showcase: Orienteering

This is our third showcase of the MCNC’s Online Pocket Guide to Co-Curriculars – “the good, the bad, the ugly…”


What is orienteering, and what do you do?scan0004

Orienteering is a fun and unique sporting activity, in which participants require both brains and brawn in order to do well. In short, individuals use a map to locate certain target points which they must run to in a certain order, completing the itinerary of target points in the fastest time possible.

Why should you join orienteering?

It is great fun and also a challenge, which keeps you fit at the same time.

When is orienteering and how do I join?

Currently, secondary schools orienteering is running once a week, which is a completely free event. To enter, simply put down your name, form class and birthday down onto the list in R2 where you can also pick up a permission slip and an information sheet containing all the details.

Contributors to the Co-Curricular Showcase are: Elinor Wang, Joyce Chan, Cassandra Liu and Wayne Zhou. Edited by: Zachary Wong


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