2016 Service Expo – How you can get involved!

For part 4 of the MCNC’s Online Pocket Guide to Co-Curriculars – “the good, the bad, the ugly…” we profile all the ways you can get involved in serving others and helping the community


Eager students wanting to sign up for service clubs at Macleans College

The Macleans College Service Expo was held on Friday the 11th of March in the
amphitheatre, with a number of service organisations making the students of Macleans more aware about the service co-curriculars on offer. If you missed out or want to find out more about each service club, we have compiled descriptions and links of each service activity along with how you can get involved.

Interact Club

The Macleans Interact Club is passionate about giving back to the community. Our main
goals encompass helping the community and environment: this involves supporting charities like Canteen, Ronald McDonald House Charity and Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand (their main charity!). Cystic Fibrosis NZ is currently a small charity that needs a lot of help, so we aim to provide as much support as possible. Throughout the year, we split the clubs into individual groups which brainstorm and organise their own fundraising projects, connecting members with charities they care about. Events include bake sales, tree-planting days and rest home visits. It is a great club to get to know other people and to get involved in community service.

How to get involved:
Facebook group: Macleans College Interact 2016
Talk to: Khorshed Tarapore (Mansfield) or Hamish Reagan (Rutherford)


UNICEF Club fundraises and raises awareness for issues affecting children around the world, particularly with regards to children’s rights. The club is currently fundraising for the children of Nepal, Syria, Vanuatu and Haiti in small groups, as well as for the UNICEF general fund which aids issues like extreme poverty by providing vaccines, healthcare packs, etc. UNICEF also operates in New Zealand addressing crucial problems like child poverty. Each fundraising group is asked to come up with creative ways in which they can meet their fundraising and awareness goals. Come to a meeting if you care about helping those who are the most vulnerable in the world!

How to get involved:
Meetings: Fridays after sit-down lunch in T2
Talk to: Helen Wu (Te Kanawa)

Amnesty Internationaldownload

Amnesty International Club is a group that stands up for human rights and justice. Their campaigns aim to create awareness, act on urgent issues and defend the freedom of others. For example, on the 17th of June 2015, the club held a campaign addressing the Global Refugee Crisis, focusing on doubling the refugee quota in New Zealand. Join other young people who are standing up for human rights by making their voices heard!

How to get involved:
Meetings: Tuesdays after sit down lunch in R6
Talk to: Sara Khatau (Hillary), Victor Sun (Batten) or Tanuvi Garimella (Rutherford)


The ZONTA girls working hard selling the baked goods for their main charity Shine.


What is ZONTA? Zonta International is a global organization which is working to advance and improve the lives of women worldwide through service and advocacy.

This is the second year Macleans College has had ZONTA Club: one out of four schools across New Zealand. ZONTA works to empower women and improve the lives of women and girls. At Macleans, the key aim is to advance students’ understanding of women’s issues. In Term 3, ZONTA’s main goal is to support girls in developing countries in achieving better education and equal rights. We hope to make more people aware by the end of the year about the full potential and power of women.

Main Charity:
Days For Girls makes reusable feminine hygiene supplies for girls in underprivileged countries. In these places, girls often skip school or drop out due to not having the kinds of supplies that we take for granted.

How to get involved:
Email: zclubmacleans@gmail.com
Facebook group: Macleans College Zonta Club 2016
Meetings: Monday after sit down lunch in A4
Talk to: Khorshed Tarapore (Mansfield) or Sheuk-Yeeng Tan (Rutherford)

Model United Nations:UN_Youth_NZ_logo.jpg

The Model United Nations Club talks and debates current issues, and gets involved in UN Youth events where young people can discuss global affairs, usually from the perspective of different countries. If you have an opinion, want to express it, and are interested in what’s happening in the world, come along!

How to get involved:
Meetings: Monday after sit down lunch in S4
Talk to: Dushanka Govender (Mansfield)

Service Expo organisers: Hamish Regan (Rutherford), Sara Khatau (Hillary), Khorshed Tarapore (Mansfield), Jessica Russell (Hillary)


LEAD is a new initiative focused on empowering students and providing them with leadership opportunities. Students attend talks by different organisations and pursue opportunities to further their activism by organising a campaign with the help of experienced facilitators. It’s an opportunity to be a leader and a change maker by addressing relevant
social problems.

How to get involved:
Meetings: First talk will be held on March 21st at lunchtime in the auditorium, the speaker will be Find her Smile.
Talk to: Sara Khatau (Hillary)

Animal Rights Club

Founded recently by Johanna and Rishika, Animal Rights club is a compassionate way to get involved in the school. It is an invaluable opportunity to meet likeminded people and discuss ways in which we can minimize the suffering of our furry friends. One of their major projects this year will be fundraising for the SPCA. There will also be sessions in which we watch documentaries, socialise and spend time learning about cruelty toward animals in various industries. Come along if you are interested, all year groups welcome!

How to get involved:
Meetings: Thursdays after sit down lunch in S11
Talk to: Rishika Iyer (Snell) or Johanna Mouncey-Reedy (Rutherford)

Youth Health Council:

The Youth Health Council is a student-run organisation that aims to promote health within the school and community. Tackling issues from mental health and stress to physical wellbeing, they run projects throughout the year that members are free to join and contribute to. You’re encouraged to establish and manage your own projects either individually or in groups to raise awareness of any relevant topic. They also hold educational sessions throughout the year so members can learn about common diseases, nutritional advice and first aid.

How to get involved:
Meetings: Fridays after sit down lunch in K6.
Talk to: Jessica Gao (Kupe) or Justin Chen (Rutherford)

Ronald McDonald House Charitydownload

Ronald McDonald House is a ‘home away from home’ for families from all over New Zealand whose children require specialist medical treatment at Starship Hospital. The charity provides free accommodation and support for these families during what can be a very difficult and devastating time. No child should have to face a health battle on their own. The House ensures that families can remain together throughout their medical journey, enabling them to find the combined strength to get through whatever challenges the coming days, weeks or months may hold for them.

Mission Statement:
When a child is battling a serious medical condition, it’s paramount to their ability to cope and heal that their family remains close. Our mission is to help keep families together and strong.

How to get involved:
Each year Ronald McDonald House Auckland appoints a Youth Board of 12-15 students across Year 12 and 13. As a member of the Youth Board, not only do you gain the opportunity to meet and work alongside like-minded individuals from across the region, you also get to witness the charity in action first-hand and be a part of the life-changing work that they do in a very practical way. Applications open in February each year to Year 12 and 13 students. Students with passion, energy, initiative and drive to be a part of New Zealand’s family charity should definitely consider applying.

Additionally, RMHA holds up to three ‘Cook Nights’ a week, in which groups come in to prepare and serve a meal for over 100 people staying at the house. This is an extremely valuable team-building experience and a very rewarding way to serve the families of children who are dealing with serious medical conditions.

Written by: Khorshed Tarapore. Edited by: Zachary Wong.

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