Co-Curricular Showcase: Babershop Girls’ Chorus (Macappella)

This is our fifth showcase of the MCNC’s Online Pocket Guide to Co-Curriculars – “the good, the bad, the ugly…”

babershopContrary to common belief, and much to the disappointment of avid hairstylists, the art of barbershop singing is not remotely related to cutting and styling the hair on our heads.

It’s considerably better than you hoped for…

So what is Barbershop singing?

Barbershop is a style of unaccompanied, a cappella singing consisting of four uniquely named voice parts: bass, baritone, lead and tenor, in ascending order of vocal range. It is a flexible art form for male and female and is able to suit numbers ranging from a tightly-knitted quartet to a booming chorus of 50 plus members. However, groups are usually of the same sex to avoid unwanted fluctuations in pitch and to pull a chord as close-fitting as possible to generate a ringing, beautiful harmony.

Tell me some background information on Barbershop at Macleans College…?

The school currently has a single girls’ chorus composed of a whopping number of 65 members, new and old. Macappella has repeatedly undergone the déjà vu process of consistently taking out 1st place in the Auckland region schools’ competition, and in the last two years have earned their most prestigious position yet: as the 2nd best secondary school barbershop chorus in the whole of New Zealand. There are no prizes as to guessing their upcoming goal…

How do I get involved? WHY should I get involved?

Keep your eyes peeled on the daily notices, particularly in the first and second weeks of term one for relevant information regarding audition dates and times.

If you are a girl (unfortunately, not for any keen boy :() who is passionate about singing, and can repeat and hold a melody fairly well and in tune, barbershop is an extremely rewarding experience for your voice, performance experience and forming rock-solid friendships with others in the chorus. You also get to travel up and down NZ if the chorus qualifies for the national competition. With every chord, the electrifying aura of passion, soul and harmony from the best competitive barbershop singers pouring into their performance will literally send shivers resonating up and down your spine – an unforgettable experience.

Management teachers: Mrs. Humby & Mrs. Devlaminckx
Conductor: Melody Lowe

The usual rehearsals for 2016 are (for existing members)
Tuesdays after sit-down lunch in the auditorium
Thursdays after school from 3.30pm-5.00pm in Rutherford commons

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