App Guide: Exam Preparation – ‘Self Control for Study’ and ‘Quizlet’

In our Student Survival Guide to Apps we’ve done the hard work to help you find useful apps for getting through school life.

Self Control for Study
(Compatible with Android devices)

If you’re someone who seriously lacks self control, as suggested in the name, this app is perfect for you. Upon setting an allocated time limit for it, this app will cease all other applications on your device from being used. As in, you literally cannot use anything else. Try clicking Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram. You will instead discover the exasperating ‘It’s time to study, now!’ page appearing rather than what is initially desired. Self Control for Study is restricting, annoying, and utterly frustrating, but it works. Very well. I especially recommend this when exam season kicks in and you know you need to study, but just can’t stop yourself from watching that last cute otter video. It effectively blocks all temptation at the root.

Get it here: Android

(Compatible with Apple and Android devices)

examprep2Trying to cram last minute for that milestone test? Or learn some difficult definitions to achieve the A you want in your resit? Download Quizlet. Quizlet is a flashcard app that helps you to remember important things (or at least for your exams). Basically, it allows you to create your own flashcards or, if you are lazy like me, search for sets of pre-made cards in their database. (I know there are some good ones for the IGCSE sciences). Then you can spend a fun (?) hour studying by playing match-up or test yourself while waiting for your bus. It really helps, plus provides an additional way to study rather than spending all your time stressfully flipping through a textbook.

Get it here: Website

Contributors to the Macleans News Student Survival Guide to Apps are: Joyce Chan, Wayne Zhou, Cassandra Liu and Elinor Wang. Edited By: Elena Pihera. 


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