App Guide: Organisation – ‘Microsoft OneNote’ and ‘Scannable’

In our Student Survival Guide to Apps we’ve done the hard work to help you find useful apps for getting through school life.

Microsoft OneNote
(Compatible across all devices)

onenote2We all know that organisation and neatness down to the little details are pivotal in achieving great success. A tidy accumulation of notes, thoughts, discoveries and ideas is surely essential in paving a clear path towards that A* or excellence… but for most of us, this is sadly easier said than done. Let me introduce you, or refresh your acquaintance with Microsoft OneNote – a popular spin off from the Microsoft Corporation. It is your generic online notepad combining comfortingly familiar features from both the classic Microsoft Word and Excel. By harnessing your class and subject notes, you are able to create lists and attach photos within infinite ‘notebooks’ on your digital notepad. Never again will you risk suffering from ‘illegible handwriting disorder’ (an unavoidable symptom of 2am cramming) and stressfully sorting through piles of dog-eared, crumpled refill notes sitting at the bottom of your locker.

There is much to love in the orderly, but quirky features of Microsoft OneNote. For example, click anywhere on the fresh page to create a text box and divert from the traditional ‘write down the page’ format. By being able to write, draw and paste anywhere, it’s hard to believe it’s not paper.

P.S. There is just one more note (pun unashamedly intended) to be added: to use this app, a Microsoft account must be created. Not to worry; the entire process is straightforward and free.  

Get it here: Website


scannable1You strive to hold your shaking device steady over that worksheet, or in front of your teacher’s whiteboard-marker scribbled notes. You MUST capture at least a legible image in order to finish homework tonight. It’s a devastating combination of bad lighting, crumpled paper or the inability to hold a camera still (I for one) that produces…

Your result: an illegible myriad of blurred and shadowy text.
Your solution: the Scannable app!

Scannable allows you to ‘scan’ documents, whiteboards, receipts, and any paper that flies your way. The output image is smooth, snow-white and looks as if it has been freshly printed.   Simply point your device camera at the paper to be immediately captured. Scannable automatically crops, adjusts and filters images so your scans are clear and easy to read. Save or share documents instantly and move on. It’s an efficient, download-for-free, squint-saving app that digitally shines paper, and your study notes, to its best.


Get it here: Website

Contributors to the Macleans News Student Survival Guide to Apps are: Joyce Chan, Wayne Zhou, Cassandra Liu and Elinor Wang. Edited By: Elena Pihera. 

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