App Guide: Subject Orientated – ‘Duolingo’ and ‘Tuner Lite’

In our Student Survival Guide to Apps we’ve done the hard work to help you find useful apps for getting through school life.

(Compatible with Apple and Android Devices)

duolingo2When I was small, I dreamed of learning all the languages in the world. Now, I’ve pretty much given up on that dream. BUT if you are travelling to a foreign country and would like to learn some useful phrases, or still persevering with Spanish (like I am) at school, try Duolingo. Duolingo is a FREE app that teaches you another language in a fun, interactive way. I promise it isn’t boring, but includes varied activities such as matching up, translating a sentence and speaking a phrase. In addition, it helpfully tracks your progress so you can see how much further you need to go to achieve that desired native speaker level.

Get it here: Apple or Android

tunerTuner Lite
(Compatible with Apple devices)

For all you musical peeps out there, this application is completely free and is a
MUST have. Tuner Lite is very simple and has two main functions:

  1. Click the tuner fork button to tune your instrument, it accurately shows what note you are playing and whether it is too sharp or too flat
  2. Click the sound button for the pitch pipe function- to get that note just right (playing out an ‘A’ for tuning).

Get it here: Apple

Contributors to the Macleans News Student Survival Guide to Apps are: Joyce Chan, Wayne Zhou, Cassandra Liu and Elinor Wang. Edited By: Elena Pihera. 

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