App Guide: Stress Relief – ‘Clash of Clans’, ‘Peel Smart Remote’ and ‘Fabulous’

In our Student Survival Guide to Apps we’ve done the hard work to help you find useful apps for getting through school life.

Clash of Clans
(Compatible with Apple and Android devices)

clash2This one is for all you stressed people out there. We all know there will be times- especially in college life, when we will be so stressed out about everything! School studies, social media, relationships…THAT is when YOU need to just sit back relax and play…CLASH OF CLANS! Seriously though, Clash of Clans is awesome. It is my favourite game of all time. I’m really proud of my achievements of being town hall 8, level 5 army, all purple walls…Jokes aside, everyone needs something to relieve stress, and personally I find games like Clash of Clans a ‘chill’ way to relieve the stress that plagues our lives.

Get it here: Apple or Android

Peel Smart Remote
(Compatible with Apple and Android devices)

remote1I don’t know about your family- but in mine, we can almost never find our remote control. Result: 15 mins of looking under every sofa. However, if you download Peel Smart Remote, you won’t need to because this amazing app lets you control your TV, set-top box, DVD, Apple TV etc, ALL from your device. And it actually works! So if you have nothing to do, download Peel Smart Remote and spend some time procrastinating by trying it out.

Get it here: Apple or Android

Fabulous – Motivate Me!
(Compatible with Android devices)

fav1Rituals are extremely beneficial to your life, and this app is dedicated to making just that. Fabulous – Motivate Me! enables a Morning, Afternoon and Evening Ritual that suggests a large variety of new habits you may wish to develop. From exercising to meditation, even your own unique routines can be added. What’s great about this, is that it even suggests ways to complete the new practice you want to add into your life; such as quick workouts that are perfect for a busy schedule. A clean, simple,useful application that’s great if you need to declutter your life.

Get it here: Website

Contributors to the Macleans News Student Survival Guide to Apps are: Joyce Chan, Wayne Zhou, Cassandra Liu and Elinor Wang. Edited By: Elena Pihera. 

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