How Many Likes To Go Until I’m Cool?

The direct correlation between the amount of compliments on your DP and your total life worth. There was a time when Facebook wasn’t for sharing your oh-so-fun holiday compressed into seven photos max (people get bored by the eighth, it seems) or posting someone else’s video for all your Friends to see/comment/share/like. Selfie culture, status games, and artsy cover photos weren’t bombarding my news feed … Continue reading How Many Likes To Go Until I’m Cool?

Review: “The Addams Family” Musical

This year, the Macleans College Drama and Music Department pushed the annual musical in a new direction. With the arrival of new HOF’s of Music and Drama Mr Miles and Dr Luton, things were sure to be shaken, if not stirred. A lot of skepticism surrounded the new approach to the ‘genre’ that had been chosen this year. Many people familiar with Maclean’s past musical … Continue reading Review: “The Addams Family” Musical