Review: “The Addams Family” Musical

addamsfamily.PNGThis year, the Macleans College Drama and Music Department pushed the annual musical in a new direction. With the arrival of new HOF’s of Music and Drama Mr Miles and Dr Luton, things were sure to be shaken, if not stirred.

A lot of skepticism surrounded the new approach to the ‘genre’ that had been chosen this year. Many people familiar with Maclean’s past musical productions had expected something classic and solid, such as the previously performed “Mikado” and “Les Miserables”. We were all expecting the musical legacy to be picked up where our previous Music director Mr Weeks had left it- a glowing trail of outstanding performances. Therefore, a lot of eyebrows were raised when Macleans’ fresh new leaders tackled “The Addams Family”- “A ghoulish American family with an affinity for all things macabre”.

However, upon seeing the Musical last week, I left the auditorium utterly blown away by the spectacular performance I had witnessed. Mr Miles and Dr Luton had put their own spin on the Broadway production, and boy, did they do it justice. Right from the opening notes, the audience was held captive, with smiles and laughs permanently vibrating in the auditorium.

The humour was perfectly placed within the performance, with not a dull moment to spare. It was appropriate for the audience and managed to get a laugh out of everyone. Every movement, dance move, note and expression truly brought the characters to life and solidified the already brilliant cast. The absolute riot of incredibly catchy songs, modern themes and the lovable yet hilarious characters appealed to everyone. The high level of both singing and acting were expertly balanced, making the performance entertaining to both watch and to listen to for the whole duration.

The “Addams Family” has previously been portrayed as largely over-the-top and very exaggerated on Broadway, but the Macleans performance stayed true to the “dark humour” roots of the original, while maintaining the light-hearted side, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

A nod of recognition is needed for the backstage crew, which made the performance polished, perfected and running smoothly. Hair, makeup and costume were done superbly, bringing the characters to life and making them truly unforgettable. The sound, lighting and the orchestra created a dark yet humorous atmosphere that truly defined the musical.

Lastly, the musical wouldn’t have been the success that it is without the incredible and admirable hard work of the outstanding new HOF’s Mr Miles and Dr Luton and the extremely talented cast:

Ben Fisher (Gomez), Hannah Reynecke (Morticia) , Emily Briggs (Wednesday), Rama Yogakumar (Uncle Fester), Lewis Luo (Pugsley), Tyson Kempton (Lurch), Zoe Jansson-Bush (Grandma), Diego Santos (Lucas Beineke), Emily Hamilton (Alice Beineke) and Hamish Regan (Mal Beineke).

Full disclosure.

Written By Anonymous.

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