10 things which defined my childhood

There’s always the saying that the good old days were better, even if they were only five or six years ago. Every now and again, something comes up that always makes me think back to the simpler times of running around and when spelling a few words counted as homework. Here’s a list of ten things that were popular when I was a kid, that I wish still were popular now. From High School Musical to Roll Ups, there’s something that everyone will recognise from the golden age of our childhood.



  • Game boys




The handheld devices that were there in our hands before our phones replaced them, first made by Nintendo in the 1990s. Games like Tetris, Tennis and Baseball were the real digital games before anything like LOL or COD. I would spend hours staring into a tiny screen trying to entertain myself…just like I do now.



  • Roll ups

roll ups


As a kid, this was probably the number one thing I wished to see in my lunchbox. It was the closest thing to candy I could convince my parents to buy on a regular basis that could still be considered healthy. For some reason you don’t see them in supermarkets anymore, no matter how hard you look. They. Were. So. Good.



  • Old school lunches



Before there was any schoolwide initiative for healthier lunches and restrictions on any fatty or sugary foods, the tuck shop was a haven that stored the best stuff on earth. There were the ice sticks for $1 and the chocolate iced donuts for $2.50. I probably spent all my money on the bags of veggie chips and the 2 minute Korean noodles they had at my intermediate. Slushies were perfect for a hot day, and the sushi was as delicious as it was overpriced.



  • Jump Jam




Every Friday morning my primary school, consisting of 260 students, would line up on the school netball courts and spend a quarter of an hour dancing along to Jump Jam, an ‘aerobic program designed to challenge fundamental movement skills’, quoted directly from the website. A few Year Sixes would stand up on stage and we’d follow their movements. It was great. I danced my way to ‘Funky Town’, ‘Boogie Wonderland’ and ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’, just to name a few. It was the closest I’d ever come to being actually coordinated.



  • Tom and Jerry




It’s hard to believe that the first time the infamous duo appeared on screen was during the 1940s. I never got enough of the cartoon as a child and laughed along to every ridiculous method Tom concocted to capture Jerry, watching as Jerry escaped from the clutches of death every single time. My favourite characters were Spike and Tyke the vicious bulldog and his adorable son.


  • Poptropicapop



Poptropica was the website I spent all my time on whenever I had the chance. Even though I was always killed by my slow movements, I loved solving the mysteries of Time Tangled Island. I confess, I solved half the islands by searching up a walkthrough and following every step.



  • High school musical





What would my childhood have been if it weren’t for Troy and Gabriella? There would be no roadtrips with my sister, belting at the top of our lungs to ‘Breaking Free’, or sleepovers with my best friends watching all the films back to back. Along with Sharpay, Ryan, Chad and Taylor, the cast were just as entertaining as the storyline and the songs. A part of me will always be holding on to High School Musical.



  • Phineas and Ferb




There’s a hundred and four days till summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it…For a couple years every Saturday at 7:40am, an episode of Phineas and Ferb would come up on TV2 and I would wake up rain, hail or shine to watch it. Ashley Tisdale who played Sharpay also voiced the role of Candice, the big sister in the series who tried to stop her brothers’ antics only for all evidence to magically disappear just before their mom arrived. I also loved the ongoing feud between Perry (the platypus/secret agent) and his nemesis, the not so evil Doofenshmirtz.



  • Monopoly



Monopoly is the greatest board game because it goes on forever. The only version I had in my house was the New Zealand one, which meant that 85% of my knowledge of our national landmarks could be traced back to this. Once I won $11 million dollars worth of money in free parking. It was the highlight of my day until I landed on ‘Go to jail’.



  • Nap time



Because we students seriously need it.

Written by: Cassandra Liu     

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