Did I Peak As A Child?

For the past few months or so I’ve been experiencing a strange falling sensation; like watching myself plunge through an endless sky in ultra-slow motion, there’s a deep, sinking feeling in my stomach which continues to get lower and lower, although never enough to hit the ground. It took me a while (along with one particularly lengthy, introspective, water-wasting shower) to realise that this powerless … Continue reading Did I Peak As A Child?

People You See 5 Days a Week

“A friend tags you. A good friend tags you in memes. A best friend tags you in memes daily.” It seems these days, if you aren’t tagged on Facebook, send streaks on Snapchat or receive DMs in Instagram, you’re not friends. If your friend tags someone else it’s classified as a modern day betrayal; worthy enough to make it on the list of Top Ten … Continue reading People You See 5 Days a Week