Self Confidence and Love

It’s taken me 17 years to finally write an article about something so simple yet so many teenagers and adults struggle with: the concept of self love. College has this unhelpful little downside that can make even the strongest carefree people worry about even the tiniest of flaws that most of the time aren’t even noticed. I remember this exact cycle happening to me when … Continue reading Self Confidence and Love

Random Acts of Kindness: 5 Day Challenge

Last week, writer Annie Han attempted a Random Act of Kindness every day of the school week in a conscious effort to spread some more positivity and happiness. Random Acts of Kindness Day is tomorrow, Thursday 2nd July — make it your mission to go out of your way for someone else, too! Day 1 Mission: Pick up litter around school. What I did: I tried to pick up … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness: 5 Day Challenge

MASH Week 2014

It’s MASH Week this week. Keniel Yao runs us through what it’s all about, and why it matters. MASH stands for Mediators Against Student Harassment. It’s essentially a campaign to promote a healthy and thriving culture in schools, to make them places where students can really learn, grow, and discover themselves –which is really what school is all about! This year, the theme is Be … Continue reading MASH Week 2014

Smile –You’re Making a Difference

When I think of the biggest change-makers in the world, so often I gravitate towards men like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. They set the standards of modern leadership: charismatic, value-based, determined. But when I look around me, I see so many taking their lives into their own hands, taking one painful step forward at a time –people who might not … Continue reading Smile –You’re Making a Difference

Support for Youth

Youth Week has just finished. For the News Committee, as teenagers, we feel that it is equally important for us to celebrate our achievements and to support each other when we need it. Thus, we have compiled a few resources that you may find useful now, or in the future.  Free Support Phone Lines (New Zealand) Youth Line Youth line is a support line for young people facing problems. … Continue reading Support for Youth

Failure isn’t all that bad

At Macleans, we are constantly associated with success, as we celebrate it often and it is something we strive to achieve. And therefore we see failure in a negative light, purely due to it being the opposite of where we wish to head. This should not be the case. Of course nobody enjoys failure, but it shouldn’t always be considered a bad thing. Failure should … Continue reading Failure isn’t all that bad