What Year 9 social studies should have taught you: Election Guide 2017

By now, you’ve probably been notified by the road corner overflowing with freshly printed billboards and your Facebook feed being plastered with your relatives’ annoying shared posts; It’s once again time again for another general election!   With less than a week to go, every vote matters. Living in the safe seat electorate doesn’t mean your vote won’t make a difference. Under MMP, every voter … Continue reading What Year 9 social studies should have taught you: Election Guide 2017

Service at rest home goes both ways

The Macleans College Community Service Prefects have visited local rest-homes throughout the year. However, recently, they offered the opportunity for all interested students to engage in this meaningful and heart-warming service. Below are some accounts of the experiences from the first team. If you are interested in joining this project, press join on this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/944699072223720/ “In life, it is not always about receiving something in … Continue reading Service at rest home goes both ways

Youth: Leaders of the Present

We’ve all heard of that cliché saying that tells us that ‘the children are our future’, but in all honesty, it goes deeper than that. Children are also our present, and as the youth of Aotearoa, we are able to empower ourselves, and make a difference right now. I received the lucky opportunity to attend the 2014 Howick Youth Conference, as one of the ten … Continue reading Youth: Leaders of the Present

Black Friday Fever

Black Friday, a sinister and infamous day for unfortunate events. However, there is always a positive side to things, and Snell House reinforces this idea a lot. On Friday 13 June, the students of Snell prepared for a large celebration in dedication to the house colour. Instead of superstitiously being aware of any bad omens or actions, the students of Snell brought in piles of food … Continue reading Black Friday Fever

MASH Week 2014

It’s MASH Week this week. Keniel Yao runs us through what it’s all about, and why it matters. MASH stands for Mediators Against Student Harassment. It’s essentially a campaign to promote a healthy and thriving culture in schools, to make them places where students can really learn, grow, and discover themselves –which is really what school is all about! This year, the theme is Be … Continue reading MASH Week 2014

Prefects Race around Auckland

On Wednesday 19 March, the Macleans College Year 13 school prefects took to the streets of Auckland. Following clues, instructions and hints to complete challenges and navigate their way around the greater area, they maximised Auckland’s questionable transport system as well as their bodies to achieve the ultimate prize of coming first and winning some amazing trophies. The day began with the prefects separating into … Continue reading Prefects Race around Auckland