Co-Curricular Showcase: Juggling Club

The eighth group of our Co-Curricular showcase.

Have you ever dreamed of entertaining others but don’t know how? Do you immediately think “yep, that’s me,” when referred to as clumsy, and desperately want to improve your hand-eye coordination? Do you want to impress your fellow classmates and peers with a dexterous and nimble-fingered art? Continue reading Co-Curricular Showcase: Juggling Club


Co-Curricular Showcase: Book Club

The sixth group of our Co-Curricular showcase.

I’d recommend book club to anyone who is an avid reader, someone who reads for pleasure, or someone who likes to talk about books. The benefit is that you will become more knowledgeable about books and authors in general and can expand your literary horizons. Continue reading Co-Curricular Showcase: Book Club

Co-Curricular Showcase: Babershop Girls’ Chorus (Macappella)

The fifth group of our Co-Curricular showcase.

Barbershop is a style of unaccompanied, a cappella singing consisting of four uniquely named voice parts: bass, baritone, lead and tenor, in ascending order of vocal range. It is a flexible art form for male and female and is able to suit numbers ranging from a tightly-knitted quartet to a booming chorus of 50 plus members. Continue reading Co-Curricular Showcase: Babershop Girls’ Chorus (Macappella)

From Impromptu Concerts to Late Night Mafia: The Big Sing Finale 2015

This was it. All the Mondays. All the replayed MP3 files filled with wordless, unexpected note progressions. All the countless hours spent with the same thirty people we’d grown to love as a family. It all led to this. The New Zealand Choral Federation’s Secondary Schools Choral Festival, ‘The Big Sing National Finale’! This year the finale was held in New Zealand’s arts capital – … Continue reading From Impromptu Concerts to Late Night Mafia: The Big Sing Finale 2015

Barbershop Regionals 2015

Barbershop. A group of untuned singers granting major cringe moments? Questionable thirty year-olds singing about romance in the sky? Or perhaps a place of scissors and hair? None of the above. This year, for the first time, Macleans College held the annual Young Singers in Harmony Auckland Competition on the 19th of June. The competition had an even bigger turn out than last year, with 16 … Continue reading Barbershop Regionals 2015

Teacher Feature: Miss O’Leary

English: The foundation of human connection This is an adapted interview with Miss O’Leary, an English teacher from Mansfield, who shares her views on the journey of self-discovery and connection that English brings about and the growth we experience as students throughout our English careers. English is so relevant and applicable to our own lives and personal experiences. Whether you’re reading a Shakespearean play or … Continue reading Teacher Feature: Miss O’Leary

The Last Night of the Proms: A Night to Remember

On Monday at seven o’clock in the Auckland City Town Hall, hundreds of talented Macleans students took to the stage and entertained an audience of about a thousand people in the annual Gala Concert titled the ‘Last Night of the Proms’. This is the second year in which Macleans students have performed at the Auckland Town Hall and this year was just as successful as … Continue reading The Last Night of the Proms: A Night to Remember