Lip Sync Videos 2015

The inter-house Lip Sync Competition took place last week, with hundreds of students sacrificing time at lunch, form time, and in some cases before and after school to perfect the art of singing without noise. Once again, performances attracted a full audience, with one judge commenting  “The standard was incredibly high this year and we struggled to narrow it down.  Deciding on the final four … Continue reading Lip Sync Videos 2015

The Race in Racial Unity

No one is born into this world hating another person because of that person’s cultural background, skin colour or religion. This hatred towards other races emerges further down the line as we form our own opinions, which are shaped by our different circumstances and experiences. We were all born as equals with unprejudiced minds. When then, did our racial prejudices begin to form? Racism springs … Continue reading The Race in Racial Unity

Racial Stereotyping: The Past, Present and Future

Racism. Racial Injustice. Racial Unity. It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way in terms of racism in the past century or so, with racist jokes and comments increasingly becoming taboo subjects. We’d like to believe that racism is no longer an issue in our society now, with all races generally unified. However, this might not be the case. Without a doubt, the drastic … Continue reading Racial Stereotyping: The Past, Present and Future

Cultural Unity Starts Small

When we think of cultural unity, we often neglect the importance of our everyday interactions. We only look at the bigger picture and see the influential movements, and the powerful individuals that have fought to abolish cultural segregation. We rarely think about how vital our own role is in this movement towards equality. However, the stigmas and prejudices that we have in society–predominantly caused by … Continue reading Cultural Unity Starts Small

Camp Diaries: Hillary Peer Support Leaders

Day 1 7:00 am – Bus 8:30 am – Barge 9:00 am – Arrival on Ponui Island 9:30 am – Orientation of island/rules/boundaries 10:30 am – Set up tents and sorted out luggage 12:00 pm – Game of volleyball 12:30 pm – Lunch 1:00 pm – Outies / orientation of day ahead 2:00 pm – Over land relay In the overland relay the camp groups … Continue reading Camp Diaries: Hillary Peer Support Leaders

Art Trip to Howick Historical Village

On Wednesday 11 February, all IGCSE and NCEA Level 1 Art students took a day trip to the Te Tuhi Art Gallery and the Howick Historical Village. We ambled around and explored the village while taking photos, and sketching drawings of buildings and wagons straight out of the 1860s. Throughout the day we also dressed up in historical clothes and had our photos taken to see what … Continue reading Art Trip to Howick Historical Village

Head Prefects’ Blog #1: Reflections and Anticipations

Hi guys! So this is a bit of a segment on the student News Committee website that we wanted to start so that we could reflect on our experiences in our leadership roles and hopefully share a few things that we’ve learned. As you can see, we’ve come a long, long way from being Year 9s. It’s definitely very weird to look back and think … Continue reading Head Prefects’ Blog #1: Reflections and Anticipations

Service at rest home goes both ways

The Macleans College Community Service Prefects have visited local rest-homes throughout the year. However, recently, they offered the opportunity for all interested students to engage in this meaningful and heart-warming service. Below are some accounts of the experiences from the first team. If you are interested in joining this project, press join on this Facebook group: “In life, it is not always about receiving something in … Continue reading Service at rest home goes both ways

Barbershop Razzle-Dazzles at Nationals

The 2014 Barbershop Nationals were held down in Wellington over the 12th and 13th of August. Macleans College had two groups who had qualified for Nationals: a quartet, named Lady Fortune; and the Macleans College Barbershop Girls’ Chorus, Macapella. Day One of Nationals was for all of the Quartets to shine, and we all had the opportunity to listen to quartets from all around New … Continue reading Barbershop Razzle-Dazzles at Nationals

The Big Sing 2014

On Thursday 21 August, a young group of rowdy and excited singers awaited the bus that would take them to the competition they had been preparing for all year – the Big Sing competition. The ‘Macleans Chorale’ would be singing in 2 sessions among 23 other choirs that would determine our place in a category – bronze, silver, gold or, the ultimate placing, platinum. Whilst we … Continue reading The Big Sing 2014

Election Guide 2014

The general election is coming up on September 20! Did you know that over 60% of eligible voters under 30 in 2011 actually voted? It’s critically important to have a voice in our community and your vote is one of the ways to do that! We’ve gathered information here, including personal statements directed to you from Pakuranga candidates, to help you make the easiest, most informed … Continue reading Election Guide 2014