What Year 9 social studies should have taught you: Election Guide 2017

By now, you’ve probably been notified by the road corner overflowing with freshly printed billboards and your Facebook feed being plastered with your relatives’ annoying shared posts; It’s once again time again for another general election!   With less than a week to go, every vote matters. Living in the safe seat electorate doesn’t mean your vote won’t make a difference. Under MMP, every voter … Continue reading What Year 9 social studies should have taught you: Election Guide 2017

10 things which defined my childhood

There’s always the saying that the good old days were better, even if they were only five or six years ago. Every now and again, something comes up that always makes me think back to the simpler times of running around and when spelling a few words counted as homework. Here’s a list of ten things that were popular when I was a kid, that … Continue reading 10 things which defined my childhood

Self Confidence and Love

It’s taken me 17 years to finally write an article about something so simple yet so many teenagers and adults struggle with: the concept of self love. College has this unhelpful little downside that can make even the strongest carefree people worry about even the tiniest of flaws that most of the time aren’t even noticed. I remember this exact cycle happening to me when … Continue reading Self Confidence and Love

Otello- Pop up Globe Theatre Review

Othello is considered one of Shakespeare’s most timeless tragedies; an examination of the extremes of human nature. It explores the catastrophe which unfolds when the foil to love, jealousy, is allowed to taint a sweet and pure passion. Iago, the disguised ‘devil’ on Earth, poisons the black general Othello’s mind with insinuations that his newlywed wife is unfaithful. Othello sharply descends into insanity, and leaves … Continue reading Otello- Pop up Globe Theatre Review

Culture in an uncultured society

It’s often difficult to narrow down what defines you as a person. Think of it like this: you’re a combination of many elements, all linking together and slotting into one another like puzzle pieces. In the middle, there are a few giant pieces, much larger than the others which surround them. Although all pieces are have of great significance, and contribute towards who you are … Continue reading Culture in an uncultured society