Self Confidence and Love

It’s taken me 17 years to finally write an article about something so simple yet so many teenagers and adults struggle with: the concept of self love. College has this unhelpful little downside that can make even the strongest carefree people worry about even the tiniest of flaws that most of the time aren’t even noticed. I remember this exact cycle happening to me when … Continue reading Self Confidence and Love

Otello- Pop up Globe Theatre Review

Othello is considered one of Shakespeare’s most timeless tragedies; an examination of the extremes of human nature. It explores the catastrophe which unfolds when the foil to love, jealousy, is allowed to taint a sweet and pure passion. Iago, the disguised ‘devil’ on Earth, poisons the black general Othello’s mind with insinuations that his newlywed wife is unfaithful. Othello sharply descends into insanity, and leaves … Continue reading Otello- Pop up Globe Theatre Review

Culture in an uncultured society

It’s often difficult to narrow down what defines you as a person. Think of it like this: you’re a combination of many elements, all linking together and slotting into one another like puzzle pieces. In the middle, there are a few giant pieces, much larger than the others which surround them. Although all pieces are have of great significance, and contribute towards who you are … Continue reading Culture in an uncultured society

How real is ‘fake news?’

Having full confidence in what you say is an important quality to have as a speaker – it brings more meaning and persuasiveness to your audience. After all, you should be only delivering facts. But when someone in the crowd calls you on something being untrue, the panic sets in. You may stutter, backtrack and have to listen to their point of view before saying … Continue reading How real is ‘fake news?’

Geography: Drop kick or decent subject?

Whenever someone mentions ‘Geography’, usually images of memorizing flags and capital cities come to mind. Diagrams, colouring in, mountains and rocks. No-one ever forgets the rocks. Therefore, people generally classify Geography as ‘not a proper subject’, or a ‘filler’. You might even ask “Is it even a science?”. Before you go on, I am here to tell you about why we should stop ‘dissing’ Geography, … Continue reading Geography: Drop kick or decent subject?


Fear of failure changes us. Sometimes we don’t sleep; sometimes we don’t eat. Sometimes we slack off. We claim we will start another time. But every waking moment we are not doing something conventionally productive — the moment we sacrifice study for rest, for recreation, for pleasure — we feel guilty. We are perfectionists. We are procrastinators. We are anxious and deeply afraid of the unknown. … Continue reading Perspective.

Why Our Generation Gets the Blame

“If I had a dollar for every time someone over 40 told me my generation sucks, I’d have enough money to buy a house in the economy they ruined”. This statement makes me think about how harshly youth of our generation are portrayed. It isn’t difficult to picture the professed typical teen: wild, rude, self-absorbed and egotistical. An image of laziness and a desire to … Continue reading Why Our Generation Gets the Blame

The Fear of the Grade-Point Average

Exams: a word that is universally dreaded by all students. Results: a seemingly insurmountable monster that preys on the minds of insecure teenagers. Exams. Results. Futures. They’re all relatively simple words—the majority of the student body can spell them correctly—yet the weight that they hold on our lives as teenagers surpasses any definition that the Oxford English Dictionary can provide. Term two seems to be … Continue reading The Fear of the Grade-Point Average

Why Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others only Hurts You

When you feel like a certain aspect of yourself is not good enough, it is difficult to dislodge that insecurity from your headspace. It’s not just limited to the physical flaws, but also includes whatever you are struggling with socially, academically, or financially. Seeing other people who seem to have it all figured out, who are perfect in the exact places that you don’t measure up, tempts … Continue reading Why Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others only Hurts You

Freddie Gray’s spotlight for inequality

Following days of civil unrest and riots in Baltimore, the criminal charges for Freddie Gray’s death have been filed against six policemen. The death has been ruled as a homicide. It is important for us to keep up to date on what happened and how it impacts society today and tomorrow. On April 12th 2015 at 8.45am, Freddie Gray was arrested by the Baltimore Police … Continue reading Freddie Gray’s spotlight for inequality

Having Your Say: Why Your Voice Matters

Auckland’s 10 year budget details how $56.9 billion will be spent across Auckland over the next 10 years on transport, parks, libraries and more. That equates to a massive $38,000 for each and every one of us who lives in our city. Like it or not, how this money is spent is going to affect you—which is why you need to stand up, be heard … Continue reading Having Your Say: Why Your Voice Matters