Prefects Race around Auckland

On Wednesday 19 March, the Macleans College Year 13 school prefects took to the streets of Auckland. Following clues, instructions and hints to complete challenges and navigate their way around the greater area, they maximised Auckland’s questionable transport system as well as their bodies to achieve the ultimate prize of coming first and winning some amazing trophies. The day began with the prefects separating into … Continue reading Prefects Race around Auckland

Music to end the year

Last Friday was a sombre day for the leaving year 13s of Macleans music as they waved their friends goodbye at the annual Leavers’ Concert. The concert, completely student-organised and led by Naa-Eun Kim, was not just to commemorate the senior performers for their contribution but also to wish farewells to Mr Weeks and the students staying behind. Indeed, Mr Weeks was the focus of … Continue reading Music to end the year

A Chinese extravaganza

The inaugural Macleans Night of China, held on Tuesday September 24, was an entertaining night of performances. The 200-capacity auditorium was nearly full with spectators anxious to enjoy the night. Many people also commented especially on the lively hosting by Leon Hu and Michelle Huang who were said to have “good interaction with the audience”. Completely student-initiated and student-organised, the event did face a few … Continue reading A Chinese extravaganza

Spectacular Gala concert

This year’s Gala Concert, a collection of different performances from top cultural groups, was a spectacle to behold. Audiences were enthralled by an array of music, song and dance – applauding respectfully at the talent on display at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell. Many performances came from co-curricular groups that were champions in their fields. The group performances included the symphony orchestra, the Dolce … Continue reading Spectacular Gala concert

Award-winning dancing

This year’s Stage Challenge again came first in their Raw division with their dance interpretation of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story. In the Raw division, props and sets aren’t used, placing increased emphasis on choreography and costume. The group’s performance and story tackled present-day social issues regarding child poverty. For example, 1 in 5 New Zealand households do not have enough food to … Continue reading Award-winning dancing

Careers Evening

On June 11, 2013, the annual Careers Night was held at Macleans College. Cars and people crowded around the school in the dark, eager to attend the talks that could possibly determine their future. All Year 12 and 13 students were strongly encouraged to attend, and parents were welcome to join them. Speakers from both New Zealand and overseas universities were there, ready to provide … Continue reading Careers Evening

Entering the dragons’ den

On June 4, 2013, seven Young Enterprise companies presented their business strategy to a panel of judges at the preliminary Dragons’ Den competition. Anxiety was high, and many groups squeezed last minute practice in the foyer. Group after group entered the dark, concealed conference room, giving polished presentations of less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds in length. They discussed their product design, their marketing strategy … Continue reading Entering the dragons’ den

Blood bank donations

12.04.13 The annual blood donations were held at Macleans College on the 9th and 10th of April, with many people volunteering to give blood. Anosh Wadia donating blood. Photo supplied. Blood bank. The peculiar human institution of giving up your own blood, willingly, in order to potentially save another’s life. If you think about it, the actual process of giving blood to the Blood Bank … Continue reading Blood bank donations

New Zealand Economics Competition

01.10.12 On Thursday 27th September ten Macleans students received High Distinction awards at The New Zealand Economics Competition 2012, presented at The University of Auckland Business School. The competition is a 55 minute exam containing 40 multiple choice questions that test both theory and general knowledge of current economic issues. It is the one of the largest and most prestigious competitions for secondary students, with … Continue reading New Zealand Economics Competition