Why Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others only Hurts You

When you feel like a certain aspect of yourself is not good enough, it is difficult to dislodge that insecurity from your headspace. It’s not just limited to the physical flaws, but also includes whatever you are struggling with socially, academically, or financially. Seeing other people who seem to have it all figured out, who are perfect in the exact places that you don’t measure up, tempts … Continue reading Why Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others only Hurts You


For many year 13s, the end of schooling life at Macleans and the start of university is rapidly approaching. So, this week’s Student Space article will include a few questions and answers about university (and life in general) that might be relevant to you. Am I picking the right degree? Unfortunately, there is no way for anyone to know for certain whether they’re picking the … Continue reading YOUniversity

Positive Perceptions

We all have features that determine how we perceive ourselves. They may be features that most people overlook, or they may be features that are conspicuous and striking. The fact is: the physical characteristics we possess can easily make us feel proud or insecure about ourselves. While you’ve been reading this, you’ve probably thought of a trait that makes you different from everyone else. How … Continue reading Positive Perceptions

Having Your Say: Why Your Voice Matters

Auckland’s 10 year budget details how $56.9 billion will be spent across Auckland over the next 10 years on transport, parks, libraries and more. That equates to a massive $38,000 for each and every one of us who lives in our city. Like it or not, how this money is spent is going to affect you—which is why you need to stand up, be heard … Continue reading Having Your Say: Why Your Voice Matters

Perfection is the Disease of a Nation

“Perfection is the Disease of a Nation” Yes, I just quoted Beyoncé to open this article. The vast majority of us have probably heard this song played on repeat on a local radio station, while mindlessly singing along as the Queen of Pop tells us that ‘pretty hurts’, and that ‘it’s the soul that needs the surgery’. Through repetition and adoration, her song lyrics are … Continue reading Perfection is the Disease of a Nation

Facebook, the Biggest Enemy of Productivity?

For many students nowadays, Facebook has become an important part of life. Whether it’s checking the notifications, waiting for messages, refreshing the newsfeed or anticipating likes on a high-definition DLSR camera profile picture, Facebook is undeniably entertaining. Some people find Facebook so entertaining that they fall hopelessly into the cycle of cyber-facebook addiction, unable to cut down on their browsing time – severely restricting the … Continue reading Facebook, the Biggest Enemy of Productivity?