Multiculturalism through food

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, Macleans students and teachers left their lunch boxes at home and brought loose change for a feast at the annual Intercultural Food Festival. Organised by the Intercultural Club Committee, this annual event had cultural cuisine from over 13 cultures ranging from Korean BBQ skewers, pearl milk tea, sushi and curry, to crepes, waffles and nachos. With massive crowds flocking to … Continue reading Multiculturalism through food

Perfect prefects’ assembly (+videos)

12.04.13 On Friday the 12th of April, the first prefects’ assembly of the year was held. It was planned less than two weeks in advance but went without a hitch. ┬áThe mini-choir performance of “Epitaph to Mrs Freland” The assembly included a mini-choir performance, several skits, and a video on uniform and appearances, which was perhaps semi-risque but overall very fun and entertaining. The background … Continue reading Perfect prefects’ assembly (+videos)

Lipsync finals (video)

12.04.13 The lipsync finals were held on April 11, 2013, between Te Kanawa, Rutherford, Mansfield and Batten houses. Rutherford were crowned the winners. Second place was awarded to Batten, while Mansfield came third. The house lipsync competition is an initiative of Hillary house to fundraise for their house charity, the Himalayan Trust. The banner image shows Rutherford House Captain, Rachel Lamacraft, performing as the Queen … Continue reading Lipsync finals (video)