The Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) is a two-day-event simulating the UN where secondary school students assume the roles of country delegates and lobby with others to reach diplomatic agreements

This article is Day One of MUNA.

Twelve senior students from Macleans College recently attended the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA), run by the Rotary Club at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School.

Over 300 students from Auckland and Northland participated, representing 100 countries from Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Africa.

Delegates needed to roleplay represent their country’s views in debating two of five remits, which ranged from advancing gender equality (1), addressing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine (2), promoting access to fair justice systems (3), ensuring the availability and sustainability of water resources and sanitation (4), and limiting environmental damage (5). On Friday, Remits 1, 3, and 4 were discussed, while on Saturday, Remits 2 and 5 were contested.

Students from Macleans College represented the following countries and remits:

Ghana (Security Council*)
New Zealand
Annabelle Harrison
Leo Mamedov
Amber Ho
Allan Han
Shafquat Tabeeb
Eric Deng
Wayne Gao
Cecilia Ma
Clarissa Oblefias
Mabel Zhang
Vian Shah
Amelia Hu
*The Security Council is the 15-member primary decision-making body of the United Nations responsible for maintaining international peace and security

The passionate debates and discussions demonstrated the students’ deep understanding of these global challenges and their commitment to finding viable solutions.

Of special mention are New Zealand’s powerful speeches that saw them win the ‘Most Depth of Content’ award at the conclusion of the event.

Delegates of New Zealand 
(from left to right: Vian Shah, Amelia Hu, and Mabel Zhang)

Day One buzzed with riveting speeches, lively note-passing, and thought-provoking amendments to remits, creating a highly memorable experience for all students involved.

A special thank you to Mrs Coventry for helping to organise the logistics of this event, and Mrs Layec, Mr Henderson, and Mr Hamilton for giving up their time to supervise the student delegates.

Stay tuned for Day Two!

Rotary Districts 9910 & 9920 Model United Nations 2023, Photographers: James Hook (Rotary) and Mabel Zhang (Macleans College)

June 5th, 2023
Shafquat Tabeeb

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