The Final Push For Cambridge Students: Staying Disciplined Over The Holidays

Some last-minute advice for all the Cambridge students.

How to Become an Academic Weapon (and get paid)

Here’s a little insight to being a scholarship student at Macleans.

Student Alumni Discuss Overseas University Experience

Macleans alumni Annika Lee and Tony Su return to give students a talk on studying overseas

Humans of Macleans: Haran Thirumeni

Presenting Haran Thirumeni from Rutherford House.

ESOL Market Day: A time of cultural foods

A branch of cultural foods!

Junior Milestones: Yay or Nay?

Just a junior’s take on junior milestones.

MCC Hosts A Concert for Charity

The inaugural MCC Charity Concert comes to All Saints Anglican Church.

Snell and Upham Come Together For a Fun-Filled Carnival

Students enjoy one final house carnival for the year hosted by Snell and Upham.