Youth Week: Fostering the Leaders of Tomorrow

Howick Youth Council comes to Macleans College with Youth Week.

A Quick Recap of Macleans College

Remember Year 9 Social Studies?

Rutherford and Kupe Host Carnival

The Rutherford-Kupe Carnival makes a return to Macleans College

The Life-Long Friendships We Make

Out of 2,800 students at Macleans, I have a small circle of close friends who I cherish

Fast Fashion: What about it?

What is the reality behind the cheap clothes we buy?

What does “Virtue Mine Honour” really mean?

A look into the school’s 43-year-old motto…

A Successful Week Under the Sea

Despite the short timeframe, the Macleans Drama Department pulled off an incredible show.

Macleans Esports: Nothing to Undermine

A look into the gaming side of Macleans…

We Will Remember Them with the Chorale

The Macleans College Chorale performed at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.