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People You See 5 Days a Week

“A friend tags you. A good friend tags you in memes. A best friend tags you in memes daily.” It seems these days, if you aren’t tagged on Facebook, send streaks on Snapchat or receive DMs in Instagram, you’re not friends. If your friend tags someone else it’s classified as a modern day betrayal; worthy enough to make it on the list of Top Ten … Continue reading People You See 5 Days a Week

The Essential Guide to Roasting

With 2018 well underway, we’ve all settled into the school year once more. Academically, culturally, and even socially, billions of nuances make up what we call ‘school-life’. The majority of our school day, however, harbours one key trait of friendship, of course; roasting. Whether it’s a savage meme tag that’s uncalled for, or a grilling that dates back to Year 9, we encounter roasting for … Continue reading The Essential Guide to Roasting

The Heavy Haunting Of Expectations

2018 has quickly dawned on us and we are faced with a new year and possibly, a new you. Like most people, I’m sure you have New Year’s resolutions that you have either failed already or have surprisingly managed to maintain. With us reaching week 6 of this schooling year, it is safe to say that we have really been thrown into another year of … Continue reading The Heavy Haunting Of Expectations

“Getting involved” overrated or worthwhile?

I have never been the kind of person to seize chances or snatch up opportunities; as a side effect of my perpetual laziness I’ve always preferred to wait for them to approach me. So naturally, within my first month of being a student at Macleans, I hadn’t exactly thrown myself at any certain group or club, and spent most of my intervals and lunches doing … Continue reading “Getting involved” overrated or worthwhile?

Finding our Reefs

“Finding Dory” will no doubt be a hit a decade after the enormously popular and well received “Finding Nemo”. It too is excellently executed and emotionally touching; and frankly, a sense of nostalgia might just convince most of us to see it. We still quite clearly remember the tranquil waters and vibrant marine life that linger memorably behind the film. Of course, “Finding Dory” again … Continue reading Finding our Reefs

Review: “The Addams Family” Musical

This year, the Macleans College Drama and Music Department pushed the annual musical in a new direction. With the arrival of new HOF’s of Music and Drama Mr Miles and Dr Luton, things were sure to be shaken, if not stirred. A lot of skepticism surrounded the new approach to the ‘genre’ that had been chosen this year. Many people familiar with Maclean’s past musical … Continue reading Review: “The Addams Family” Musical