Macleans College Chorale at the carnival.

Yesterday, the Macleans College Chorale began intensive preparations for the Big Sing Regionals with the help of one of the composers for their three competition pieces.

Steven Rapana, composer of the song ‘Malie! Tagifa!’ came in to work with the choir to both refine details and discuss the meaning of the song. He worked with student Faithfulness Saumani to create a siva (dance) that retains elements of his original dance and unique segments for MCC 2023.

The choir discussed the history behind ‘Malie! Tagifa!’ and the changes that have occurred in the song’s meaning as it is passed from generation to generation. They also discussed the Samoan culture in relation to the piece in order to integrate the story into the dance.

The workshop coincidentally took place during Samoan Language Week.

Rapana had worked with the choir back in 2021 for ‘Musu E’, which gained the choir Runner Up for the Leo Pasifika Award and a place in the Big Sing Finale which was scheduled to take place in Christchurch. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Previously, the Chorale performed ‘Malie! Tagifa!’ in 2018 which also gained them a place in the Big Sing Finale held in Wellington for which the choir received silver.

Fa’afetai to Steven Rapana for his work with the choir. We wish the Chorale and the other school choirs, Aria and Knights of the Castle, participating in the Big Sing Regionals all the best for the competition on 20th June.

May 30th, 2023
Clarissa Oblefias

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