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On the 12th of May, Macapella (Barbershop) performed at Victory Convention Centre in Auckland City. As guest singers, this group of 62 girls did fabulously for their first performance this year.

Macapella, a barbershop group, consisting of 4 vocal ranges—Tenor, Lead, Baritone, and Bass, each sang different parts of the same song to harmonise and create a stunning overtone that allows the audience to believe that all are singing in one voice. The frequency rang and echoed throughout the whole centre with the girls shining with passion.

The girls were required to wear the white performance girls’ blouse, a long senior skirt, a girls’ tie, and two braids with red ribbons tied around the tips. Everyone was scheduled to meet outside the music block at 12:30 p.m. with everything ready. Nervous as they were, their 2-hour bus ride from school and back did not help at all.

Although getting there was hectic, it was worse when it came down to the blue room. This was a room specially reserved for Macapella to practice and rehearse before their big performance on the big stage. After running through the programs twice, a backstage staff came in to take our Macleans Macapella stepped into the designated spots and dazzle. 

Directed by Melody Lowe, Macapella sang beautifully—comparable to even the competing quartets. Although the girls were guest singers, they were able to compete in the under-16 Australian national quartet sectionals. 3 songs, “Somebody to Love”, “Pure Imagination”, and “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, won them 1st place in 2 sections and 3rd in another.

Together, the group came back to school at 5 o’clock with excitement and chatter amongst all. A good job well done and an extended thanks to Melody and Mrs D’Souza for their hard work in training the girls. An excellent day for an excellent group!

June 16th, 2023
Isabella Lyn

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