On Saturday 17 June the Interact Club held a bucket collection on Picton Street for Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand (CFNZ).

Cystic fibrosis is “the most common life threatening genetic condition affecting New Zealand children”. This disorder causes the production of thick and sticky mucus, blocking important tubes and passageways in our body. As a result, many affected people suffer from chronic cough and repeated chest infections.

The Macleans College Interact Club aims to raise awareness of this condition, and organise fundraising initiatives to aid ongoing research into treatment and support for patient’s families. This was the club’s second bucket collection of the year.

Interact bucket collection on Picton Street

Supported by 24 student volunteers, and the bustling Saturday Markets nearby, the kindness of the community was felt with full force. It was both heartwarming to witness people sharing their personal experiences about loved ones affected by CF, and pleasing to observe student volunteers explaining the intricacies of this disorder to those unaware. The day was a success.

This follows the incredible turnout at the Macleans College Community Carnival and on Athletics Day, where a total of $600 and $800 were raised respectively. Furthermore, by the end of last year, the executive team were happy to announce that the club had raised over $6,600 – invaluable funds that were all donated to CFNZ.

Led by Shafquat Tabeeb (President), Caelyn Pak (Vice President), and members of the executive team Ivan Yun, Cecilia Ma, Amber Ho, Mika Ramsing, Nethra Tennakoon, and Eason Chee, the service club remains committed to supporting their main charity this year.

The executives would like to thank the student volunteers for their support, and also to CFNZ for providing buckets, bibs, brochures, and more. A special thank you to Ms Matthews-Ward for helping with organising the logistics of this event, and giving up her time on the weekend to supervise all students.

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