Matthew Shih and Mr Askin

Every Wednesday, from three to five in the afternoon, Wizards of The Coast, also known as Board Game Club, commences. Led by Matthew Shih and Mr Askin, Wizards of The Coast is a group full of hobbyists and enthusiasts from a wide range of table-top games. 

Wizards of The Coast is nearing at almost a hundred members, meeting at Snell commons or S11 to destroy both their friends and friendships during the two-hour session.

From Magic the Gathering to Exploding Kittens, Wizards of the Coast offer a wide variety of games to fit everyone’s interests. The entire two-hour session is student-led, meaning everyone gets to pick what they want to play. The club has access to the entirety of Snell commons and S11, meaning there are individual rooms for individual campaigns.

Table-top games have been gaining popularity internationally over the last few years, due to the lack of social connections because of COVID-19. Table-top games aren’t the ones your grandma plays, such as Monopoly. Table-top games now have ventured into more skill-based tactics. Such as, Dungeons and Dragons.

“These games have become a world-wide phenomenon.”

-Mr Askin, teacher in charge

Wizards of the Coast is an incredibly casual club, meaning if you aren’t a certified club member you’re still welcome to join for a session or two.

“I enjoy being here. We have everything from Magic the Gathering to Exploding Kittens, and our main attraction, Dungeons and Dra- hey Jason! JASON! HEY DON’T CAST FIREBALL JAS–”

-Matthew Shih, club director

21st June, 2023
Emma Li
Photography by Emma Li

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