During Week 10 of Term 2, Macleans College held its annual Eisteddfod festival in the Colin Prentice Auditorium.

Eisteddfod is a week-long music and arts festival at Macleans College, originating from Welsh culture. The music and drama departments come together to present everything Macleans has to offer from a cultural perspective. Each day of the week is reserved for specific groups.

Entry to the event was free, as normal, and every night was successfully sold out.

On Monday were the bands. The bands who performed included Concert Band, Stage Band, and Symphonic Band.

On Tuesday were Showquest and the choirs. The choirs who performed were the Macapella barbershop chorus, Macleans College Chorale, Aria, and Knights of the Castle. There were also a number of vocal quartets.

On Wednesday were the orchestras. The orchestras that performed included the Macleans Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, and Sinfonietta.

And on Thursday were the Shakespeare groups and the Cabaret. You can read about the various Shakespeare groups and their journey on our website.

The Cabaret makes a return to Macleans College after its debut in 2021. It is a performance of twelve students singing songs from various musical theatre shows and making their own stories out of them. It is directed by Miss Amanda Burnett, who also directed the 2023 musical production of The Little Mermaid, which you can read here.

The Cabaret ‘Class of ‘23’ also performed at Uxbridge Theatre the following day.

The tradition of Eisteddfod began in 2020. Since a number of festivals and the annual Macleans Gala Concert were both cancelled due to COVID-19, this was the only chance throughout the year everyone could show all the hard work Macleans had prepared for other festivals.

Congratulations to all the students in these performance groups who prepared entertaining nights for students, parents, and community members alike. We look forward to Eisteddfod next year.

July 3rd, 2023
Clarissa Oblefias

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