As the title suggests, the Fun Games Club is all about having fun with games. The Fun Games Club is held every Tuesday in H7, and is a casual game club meaning anyone can attend, even if it’s not on a regular basis. The club is run by Andrew Chen, Jason Zhou, and James Ling. Mr Cardy is the teacher in charge. 

Andrew Chen, one of the execs of Fun Games Club

“I love showing up on a Tuesday afternoon and being able to just have a fun environment where I can destroy my friends and my friendships.”

-Jessie, member of The Fun Games Club

The Fun Games club’s main attraction is the array of Nintendo Switch games, as members bring in the portable console to play with their friends. There’s of course the odd games here and there, small niches that members bring in to show off. However, even though Switch games are quite popular, some of the executives in Fun Games Club takes it up a notch.

“The Fun Games Club (FGC) was founded to offer students a physical space to express their passion for a plurality of different games. This year’s surge in growth has been due to the leadership of James, Andrew and Jason. They’ve brought a plethora of different gaming platforms for students to participate in, and have created a safe and enjoyable space for students to come and have fun.”

-Mr Cardy, teacher in charge

Andrew and James brings in an Oculus headset every week for a member to try out in virtual reality. It’s a rare opportunity, being able to experience such an expensive gadget. Members are able to enjoy the main attraction of Beat Saber, along with some other games Andrew has.

Jayden trying out Beat Saber

I can say for one, it’s incredibly fun.

“Nice club to hang out with your friends and to enjoy yourself!”

-Alan, member of The Fun Games Club

29th July, 2023
Emma Li
Photography by Emma Li

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