Similar to Kupe House, Batten House’s colour sparks a debate between what the actual colour of their house is. Many determine that platinum is the official house colour, while others decide it’s nothing but the colour of deceased ash. However, both colours have meaningful symbolism.

“It is the colour of champions.”

-Matthew, Year 13 Batten

The colour platinum is oftentimes disregarded as grey because of its silvery,off-white tint. However, platinum is a real colour. It was determined as such in 1918. Platinum is a symbol of strength, power, and hope. The colour has a strong resemblance to endurance, due to the name coming from an actual metal. Grey, instead, means neutrality and balance, unlike platinum’s strong themes. It’s usually used in times of mourning and loss and resembles a gloomy mood. 

Batten House won the Term 1 house shield along with claiming the best chant out of all eight houses. The symbolism behind Batten’s house colour still carries a striking resemblance to their spirit. For example, when Batten plays house sport; they won Year 10 speedball in Term 2. Mrs Manerwick is incredibly passionate about house sport and spirit, with her support  seen through the matches she attends.

“The colour platinum symbolises a sense of hope.”

-Alysa, Year 9 Batten

Jean Gardner Batten is famous for her monumental achievement of flying from England to New Zealand. Jean Batten was only twenty-one years old when she obtained her pilot’s licence in 1930, and then set the world record in 1936; it was not broken for forty years. Fifty-two years later, Batten House was opened as a  new whānau for Macleans students to be a part of. 

The legend of Jean Batten is still taught today through the Year 9 Social Studies program, where the juniors learn all about their house’s history along with the school’s. Jean Batten’s records combined with the house’s colour shows off nothing but the perfect combination, greatness and power.

31st July, 2023
Emma Li
Drone shot by Joseph Zhang

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