The infamous Snell House. Famous for their astute collection of shields, but also infamous for the exact same thing. Throughout the Macleans College culture, Snell House has always been regarded as the one everyone completely clowns on. For example, if something bad happens between students, many would joke about it and blame it on Snell House. Because of the utter power Snell house holds over shields and sport, it seems like they’ve created resentment within the school.

“Every time a black shirt runs past you [in cross country], a puppy dies.”

-Mr Farr, Kupe House leader

Everyone knows the iconic black that Snell students wear with pride every time there’s an event. Whether it’s athletics or cross country, the striking black is always seen. The colour black has a range of deep meanings, from darkness to stealth. 

“The colour black means the black panther.”

-Year 9 Snell student

The black panther is an animal notoriously known for its speed, power, and authority within the food chain. All these characteristics correlate to the symbolism behind the colour black. 

Where did Snell House get their infamous name from? It was from none other than Peter Snell, a New Zealand athlete who broke many world records during his prime. Peter Snell won three gold medals in middle-distance running  at the 1960 Rome Olympics. When the Snell House leaders were deciding on a house colour, they selected black because it was the colour of Peter Snell’s singlet when he broke the record.

Although Snell House may be clowned on by the rest of the school, the spirit of Peter Snell is shown dear at heart within all Snell students; especially when it comes to house shields.

9th August, 2023
Emma Li
Photography by Nathan Rao

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