After much anticipation from the students of Macleans, the long-awaited Talent Quest Finals finally took place last Friday on August 11th.

The acts from the preliminary round that successfully made it to the finals included:

  • The Fingers and The Blows
  • Selena and Persephone
  • Steven Chen

To kick off the Talent Quest finals, Steven Chen took the stage, captivating the crowd with yet another dynamic dance cover, this time, to the funky tune of Perm. His infectious enthusiasm and energy spread like wildfire, electrifying the atmosphere and filling the gymnasium with an undeniable sense of excitement. With every move, Steven’s charisma and timing effortlessly entertained, setting a high standard for the rest of the Talent Quest Finals.

Shortly after Steven’s performance, Persephone and Selena graced the stage with a dance cover of their own to a medley of Break My Heart Myself, Swalla and Chì Vì Anh. The crowd was certainly not disappointed with Persephone and Selena effortlessly matching the energy that Steven had previously brought to the event. It was evident that the audience was thoroughly pleased with their energetic and synchronised dancing, with the crowd getting louder and louder with every move.

The final act of the three was none other than The Fingers and The Blows, with their rendition of Drunk, characterised by a relaxed ambience. But despite the beautiful tunes that The Fingers and The Blows had been bringing to the show, the absence of their lead singer Joshua Leevers could not go unnoticed by the ground, much to their disappointment. However, in the midst of despair, the tranquil atmosphere that had been brought to the Talent Quest came to a screeching halt, with Joshua bursting into the gymnasium. The once calming tunes were quickly replaced by an energetic cover of Never Gonna Give You Up, sending the crowd wild as The Fingers and The Blows blew everyone away.

“Joshua Leevers is so cool that I didn’t even mind getting Rick-Rolled”

-Victoria Hsu, Year 11

After the three finals acts wrapped up, the audience saw the unexpected entrance of a special guest. This special guest was none other than the winner of last year’s Talent Quest – The man, the myth, the legend himself: Danny Chou. Along with his talented backup dancers, Danny seamlessly blended singing and dancing into one beautiful performance, covering a medley of songs including Judas, Vampire, Anti-Hero and many more.

“Danny stole the whole show to be honest”

-Michael Lu, Year 11

With the finish of Danny’s act came the final conclusion to the Talent Quest Finals – the rankings. Tension filled the gymnasium as the emcees made their way in front of the crowds. The final rankings were as follows

First place: The Fingers and The Blows

Second place: Steven Chen

Third place: Persephone and Selena

From breathtaking vocal displays to mesmerising dance routines and interesting skills, every act that had been showcased throughout Talent Quest as a whole brought something amazing to this year’s Talent Quest. And it is certainly undeniable that the crowd has already started longing for next year’s Talent Quest, eagerly anticipating to see what new talents a new year may bring.

August 18th, 2023
Written by Aaron Huang and edited by Clarissa Oblefias
Photography by Emma Li, Kanishk Soni and Joseph Zhang

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