On Thursday 17 and Friday 18 August, the Intercultural Committee (ICC) hosted the highly anticipated Night of Intercultural in the Colin Prentice Auditorium.

Featuring culturally diverse performances – from Korean Drums, Chinese Flag Dance, and Bollywood to Latin Dance, La Esmeralda, and Taekwondo – the stage was a kaleidoscope of cultures harmoniously united. 

This, along with interactive games and prizes for the audience, was complemented by a surprise finale orchestrated by the executives. The result was an incredibly entertaining and unforgettable experience, drawing a sold-out crowd on both nights.

“I think it was a very invigorating experience which I full-heartedly enjoyed. If I could, I would do it again.”

– Joshua Leevers – MC of Night of Intercultural

Many thanks to the MCs, Faithfulness Saumani and Joshua Leevers (both Kupe House), who worked hard to prepare the script and a great act to provide some comedy throughout the performances, and Intercultural Executives, Shafquat Tabeeb (Mansfield), Lily Kim (Mansfield), Allan Han (Batten), Cecilia Ma (Mansfield), and Leo Mamedov (Kupe) for organising the event.

“It was a pleasure being an MC for Night of Intercultural this year. I enjoyed being able to witness the different groups here at Macleans come together to present the love they have for their cultures through the means of traditional performance.”

– Faithfullness Saumani – MC of Night of Intercultural

A special thanks to Dr. Miles, who spent hours putting together the lighting and sound for the stage, as well as all the teachers and the tech/backstage crew, for giving up their time to support the logistics of this event.

“Night of Intercultural was an incredible show. I was immensely privileged to help contribute, working the technical aspect of audio and lighting. Having the opportunity to get a free show from a good view, and the benefit of helping out was a great experience.”

– Emma Li – tech crew
Group photo of all NOI members 2023

September 11th, 2023
Written by Emma Li & Shafquat Tabeeb
Photography by Mrs Becroft, Shabad Bhatia, Rachel Li, and Daniel Hulley
Graphic Design/Thumbnail by Abbie Yeung

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