You’ve heard it time and time again, “get involved”, “put yourself out there”, “ try something new”, or the most infamous one of them all: “there are over a hundred extracurricular activities at Macleans, so there’s something for everyone!” 

As one of the three cornerstones of our school, extracurricular involvement holds endless opportunities for all of us. However, despite there being way too many options to choose from, it’s much easier said than done to “get involved” – especially if you’re a year nine with the weight of first-year syndrome on your back.

Well, to all the music enjoyers, creators, nerds, and especially to those of you who are a bit lost, I’m here to give you a nudge in the right direction and let you know why you should join a music group. 

Macleans College Chorale performing ‘Malie Tagifa’ (arr. Steven Rapana) at their annual charity concert.

Music along with performing arts is a very prominent part of Macleans’ culture. The department is very inclusive and caters to all levels, so whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned musician, you will get your chance! From choirs, bands and orchestras, to musical productions and cabaret, there is genuinely so much you can be a part of.

One of the biggest obstacles you will face when it comes to these extracurriculars is signing up. Making that decision to join a group isn’t easy, especially if an audition is required. Speaking from experience, auditioning definitely takes some guts. But it’s one of those things where the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Don’t. Let. This. Hold. You. Back. Just go for it, because firstly – no regrets. Secondly, I can confirm that you’re probably capable of so much more than you’ll give yourself credit for. Besides, there are plenty of other groups in the department that welcome everyone who wants to join so there’s no way out of this one! 

Ursula with Flotsam and Jetsam in the 2023 Macleans College Musical Production of The Little Mermaid.

Anyhow, back to the point: Why should you join a music group?

The answer is long but simple. Music groups provide an environment where you can thrive and succeed in ways that no type of school exam could ever measure up to. The people you meet and the skills you learn will be beneficial to you FOR LIFE. You will never forget the memories you make within whichever group you choose and the shared joy is something that you will treasure for years to come. The people are amazing and you will genuinely feel a sense of belonging that leaves you wishing you could stay forever. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true (it’s the CHEESE OF TRUTH – if you know, you know). 

Macleans College Concert Band soak in the applause at the school’s annual Eistedfodd showcase.

Okay, I’ll stop blabbing now. If you’re still reading this, then I truly hope I’ve convinced you. Good luck with your endeavours and TRUST ME, you are just a few steps away from a life-changing experience. So sign up for something new, keep calm and let the magic happen!

27th February, 2024
Written by Hope Zhang, edited by Ally Chu and Emma Li
Photography by Joseph Zhang, Heng Zhang and Ben Campbell (BC Photography)

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