Ah yes, once more Esports has come back under the faithful hand of Miss Xie after Mr Cardy’s departure – an array of games to participate in once again! This year, the club has expanded further, now carrying almost two hundred members. Once again, Esports Club is having their annual League of Legends, Valorant, and Rocket League tournament. The casts are beginning to flourish, with weekly streams and high-energy commentary. 

Although, what are the Esports players in for this year?

Competitions and Events

Macleans College will be competing in the META tournament hopefully in Term 3. This tournament features high school students competing in games such as League of Legends, Valorant, and Rocket League. Entries are not only limited to New Zealand schools but also to Australia. Last year, Macleans held a dominant hand in the premier scene – our four Macleans-run casts will be eager to showcase their amazing skills.

There may even be a chance for our members to participate in Armageddon – a pop culture convention containing events like video games, card games, and a lot of art stalls – again this year. If you plan on going, keep a lookout!


Although not as widely known as the players, casters contribute an important role in the Esports scene. Every week or so, they cast a game onto Twitch.tv, for whoever is interested in watching. Cast teams are usually made up of a stream manager, a commentator, and a graphics designer. However, each team is incredibly different and invites variety, with some casts constantly one-manning their streams.





Overall, the Esports scene at Macleans College may stay hidden among members as a big but specific niche, but the community continues to thrive. A massive thank you to Miss Xie, Mr Morris, Mr Davison, Mr Maharaj, Miss Zaidi, Mr Konietzny, Ms Bharani and Andrew Chen for all their help in managing the Discord server and keeping things in order!

22nd March, 2024
Written by Emma Li, and edited by Aaron Huang

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