Rutherford and Kupe came together yet again on Thursday, March 28th to host the long-awaited Atomic-Kiwi Carnival. After a series of milestone exams earlier in the term, the carnival brought about a much-needed sense of relief and excitement for students all across the school.

Attendees were met with a diverse range of delightful treats for purchase at affordable prices. This ranged from fast food like KFC or Dominoes to homemade baked goods and everyone’s beloved food truck, Mr Whippy.

To accompany the wide array of mouthwatering bites offered by the food stalls, Kupe also provided musical entertainment, further adding to the energetic environment of the carnival. The performances first featured Atomic Kiwi Band who captivated the audience with their rendition of Until I found you and L-O-V-E. This was followed by The Originals, a chamber flute-cello-piano trio performing Perfect and Weber Trio for Piano, Flute and Cello in G minor, op.63.

“The performances were rather spectacular yes indeed, they brought tears to my ocean eyes”

-Hexun Wang, Year 12 student

This year’s carnival also brought about a very unique highlight- sponge throwing. For as little as three dollars, students had the opportunity to throw wet sponges at Mr McGuire-Barnes, Mr Buckley or even Mr Hargreaves. Hopefully, extra maths homework or school and principal detentions were not given out afterwards.

“The best way to get revenge at your teachers!”

– Mika Ramsing, Year 13 Student

Much like any other Kupe-Rutherford collaboration, the Atomic-Kiwi Carnival was a resounding success, bringing a vibrant spirit to students and leaving them with a pleasant experience.

28th March, 2024
Written by Aaron Huang, edited by Emma Li
Photography by Emma Li, Andrew Wang and Stella Wu

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